betty paige’s photographers

betty paige's photographers

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    Why creepy?


    why creepy? check that dude out on the left holding the camera by his dick…is that not creepy?

    p.s. we need more models like this in the modern day…that be a real woman


    Model photographers tend to be a bit on the creepy side anyway…

    In that field there is a huge difference between the pros and everyone else.


    Man, she really had a great ass.


    In the late 1940s, men formed what were known as camera clubs as a means of circumventing legal restrictions on the production of nude photos. “These clubs existed ostensibly to promote artistic photography, but many were merely fronts for the production of erotica. When Page entered the field of glamour photography she did so as a popular camera club model, working initially with photographer Cass Carr.[2] Her lack of inhibition in posing made her a hit. Her name and image became quickly known in the erotic photography industry, and in 1951 her image appeared in men’s magazines with names like… Read more »


    Damnit, we need an edit-able preview prior to posting.

    There supposed to be quotation marks at the very beginning of the above post.


    from the biopic, not real life. she’s still hot though. old school omnom.


    I like the popped collar the one guy is sporting.


    The guy on the left is using a TLR medium format camera, that’s where you hold it to shoot. You look down into the camera, instead of holding it to your face. So he’s not really being creepy, that’s just how that camera works 🙂

    I’ve always wanted one.


    titanzero: I 2nd the “we need more models like this in the modern day” motion. real women, real curves.

    great backside.


    nyokki beat me to the punch.

    Bettie is still alive, living in Texas. she won’t let anybody take a photo of her now.

    I want to have her painted on my motorcycle gas tank… classic beauty- and kinky for her time. 😛


    She was perfection. Period.

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