Armed Vs Disarmed

Armed Vs Disarmed

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    haha what a retarded poster. The first part sounds like a bad highlander movie.


    murders are murders are murders

    stop sponsoring fear based violence

    grow up, get rid of your guns


    EVIL you want my guns? Come and get them.


    A gun wont help her if she falls down the stairs.


    Kero makes a valid point.

    I like guns. I own guns. I’ll fucking use a gun if someone comes into my house. I got a wife and a kid.

    And you know something else? When my daughters old enough – She’s gonna have a gun too. No way I’m sending my baby girl out into the crazy world unarmed. You take the guns away from the good people, and the only people left with them are the bad ones.




    Hell, that was pretty good. Nice one. Though sadly I must disagree with owning a gun. But you do make a very valid point.


    Should say, “Armed, she stands a much greater chance of being shot during the robbery cuz the fact that she has a gun changes her from victim to threat.” Unless the invaders are after her specifically, in which case she’s mixed up in some crazy shit and probably already has a gun anyway.


    Of course you realize that by sending your daughter out into the “crazy world” with a gun she becomes part of the problem.

    PS: The world isn’t all that crazy and everyone is not out to get you.


    She looks damn hot in the first picture with the gun, that should be argument enough.

    I agree with having a gun at home for defense, but having a gun with you at all times is just asking for trouble.


    I got a riffle, in theory to go deer hunting though I doubt I ever will. Now let’s say someone breaks into my place while, let’s say, I’m on the computer. That guy has a pistol in hand, ready to go.

    Now, as a sane person, I know that that person has their handgun in hand, which can be aimed at my head in a microsecond, and now matter how many guns in the house I have they’re making the calls.

    If I were American, however, I would assume that I could pull some badass Clint Eastwood move, jump into the room my riffle is in (on the other side of the house), dodging bullets all the way and take on any number of armed assailants with perfectly aimed shots between the eyes.

    Because as we all know, bad guys have such bad aim they couldn’t hit Mt. Everest at close range, whereas the good guy never misses.

    Of course, it’s a hell of a lot easier to sneak into a house with a easy-to-conceal handgun than with a riffle lol


    If you can’t spell your gun, you probably shouldn’t own it.


    Booooring. Jesus Christ, put up something funny.


    In my house, the only purpose of a handgun (when it comes to home protection) is to get you to your rifle. 🙂

    tiki god

    ah, yes, because we can plan on when we’re about to get jumped by zombies, right?


    What is it abut this site that attracts so many gun-fearing europussies?


    Simple, the europussies never leave their house because the outside world scares them, and anything that’s not “Nanny State Approved” is bad and fearful and evil: things like Responsibility, Values, Moral Fiber, and standing up for what is right. If it the Government doesn’t tell them to do it, its obviously bad.


    WWJD, MLK Jr, Ghandi, Lennon, are you all asleep. Your guns serve you no good.


    Agreed, the glock shall clear the way to the AK.

    Luke Magnifico


    You best be trollin’. You apparently need an unfair advantage to have any sense of security.


    Illuminati is hilarious. I hope he’s a troll.


    No such thing as an “unfair advantage” when defending your family and home.


    Yeah, I think the American two-party system is the ultimate example of the people being free of government mind-control.

    I mean no one can quite set an unbending agenda like a multi-party alliance.


    I think the funniest thing about the whole gun control issue is how it’s the most rural folk that fear violent crime the most. Back in the city suggesting gun control laws should be loosed would get you funny looks. Here in the mountains, despite being in a town where everyone fucking recognizes each other, everyone is paranoid psycho about illegal entry.

    If you’re paranoid and self-deluded enough buy a gun for your own security, there’s a 99% chance that the bullet in your head is a foregone conclusion. Hunter S. Thompson was an hero to his cause.

    Luke Magnifico

    But he’s not defending his family, or his home. When was the last time you shot someone who had broken into your house? In fact, if you have a gun, and the burglar has a gun, you’re putting your family in more danger. Children make good meat shields, or so I’ve heard. If you really want to keep your family safe, put your money into home security and property insurance.


    Jesus: Told his followers “…and the one who has no sword should sell his coat a buy one” (Luke 22:36)

    JLK jr: speaking on the subject of the 3 types of violence (Liberation Magazine, Oct 1959) “The second is violence exercised in self-defense, which all societies, from the most primitive to the most cultured and civilized, accept as moral and legal.

    Ghandi: While it is true that Gandhi himself was
    convinced that he would never need to resort to violence to ever defend himself, and would prefer risking death in a non-violent manner, he did make what seems to be several statements throughout his life that would seem to suggest that he respected and understood the right of any person or group of people to resort to violence to defend their property and lives, but only if they had first exhausted every real opportunity to find a non-violent compromise solution.

    John Lennon: he wrote songs, who gives a fuck what his view on protecting his family?


    Caio, your other post actually brought up a good point that I agree with. I know there’s probably more than a few Americans that think that way.

    As crazy as this might sound, that’s why it pays to have your guns stored in numerous places throughout the house. You can’t know for certain that, in the event of a break in, you’ll be able to make it to your bedroom or whatever room it is you keep your weapon(s) in, so it pays to sometimes have a few weapons in different rooms. If that’s beyond your funding, then it always makes sense to just keep a handgun on your person.


    Ya I’m keeping my guns evil. Not only do I use them for self-defense, but I find it a fun hobby to collect and fire them. There’s not a place in my house that you can come between me and a gun. Come take them if you want them ;).

    But seriously, “Grow up and give up your guns”? Why? I mean if you and your radical lefty friends believe this, you must have reasons for them.


    “When was the last time you shot someone who had broken into your house?”

    Using that reasoning, you shouldn’t get a smoke detector until after you have your first fire. As for safety of the family, it all down to training. If members of the family are training properly there will on problems.

    As for security I agree, but I also believe in defense in deep. Keep doors locked, have alarms, have a comunication plan (to police), have means to defend your family until police arrive, or are you just going to count on the tender mercies of those invading your home?


    This is kinda stupid

    Most of the time the invader takes the gun and uses it against the homeowner, since homeowners buying guns think that’s the be all and end all, and neglect to learn to use it well and learn basic self defence to supplement

    Better off buying a dog or a decent burglar alarm


    Of course I mean “As for safety of the family, it’s all down to training. If members of the family are training properly there will be no problems.”


    You’re missing the point, Mack.

    I’d say most homeowners who buy guns are buying them for self defense–see also: preservation of their life. A burglar alarm can do what? Alert people that you’re being attacked? Yeah, that’s just as good as being able to put down any assailant you might have with a firearm. If you want to put your life in the hands of people who will take precious minutes to get to your house, go ahead.

    I’m not saying the police are bad or anything, but they can’t be everywhere at once. And you can’t always rely on other people to do the right thing.


    Shouldn’t that be “come take them if you can”? I can guarantee that anyone coming to my house to take my guns is going to be met with one hell of a fight!


    Going back to the picture, I do believe she is wrong by going down the stairs. If she truly believed there was an assailant in the house, she should be talking to the 911 operator on the up-stairs phone (or cell) and be behind a lock door waiting for the police to arrive.

    Of course, there are a lot of “ifs”, but normally going down to meet the home invader is not a good idea.


    Mack “Most of the time the invader takes the gun and uses it against the homeowner”

    Do you have anything to back that statement up? … I didn’t think so.


    Security is a myth. I think vd00d’s post is fucking hilarious.

    The amount of people killed in break and entries is insignificant compared with the amount of people killed by cars. You can arm yourself to the teeth but the ultimate risk is stepping outside in a world where a minor mistake on the part of a driver can lead you to being run the fuck down.

    It’s been my experience that people who stockpile guns (again I say this as a gun owner) tend to be a lot more afraid of themselves then the boogiemen who might threaten their families. Above I said that townfolk tend to have a lot more guns. It’s also been my experience that, in the two small towns I’ve lived in, almost every family has had a suicide, something I’ve never encountered in the city.

    My step-mom’s father, for example, was county sheriff and the #1 sharpshooter in the State. He stockpiled guns to protect his family, and then one day gave himself some shotgun mouthwash, as did his son two months later. Ask me if the rest of his family was screwed up.

    Now, considering this was a town with a 0 per thousand violent crime rate, there was never really any threat to his family for him to have all those guns, but he, like a lot of stockpilers, was a profoundly depressed, moody man who cared enough about protecting his family to buy lots of guns but vanished for weeks at a time on drinking binges.

    I could be crazy here, but I think there’s something a lot deeper to stock-piling than the every-lurking break-and-entry boogieman.


    Oh, yeah, speaking of dead Gandhis, wasn’t Nerhu’s grandson Rajiv Gandhi killed by a pregnant woman who hid a bomb in some flowers she was carrying?


    I’m actually trained in the use of hand-guns, I have a concealed carry license as well. I’m not some dumb fuck american who thinks I’m rambo. The fact that I carry a gun makes me sad, to be honest. But the truth is, in the past three months, there’s been about 10 homicides during break-ins locally. These people were not armed, and still got a bullet in their head. I’ve seen people get out of the cars and pull guns on each other (see “dumbass American”, above) on the street in front of my house. People have pulled people out of their cars into the parking lot and stabbed them.

    So… the world isn’t that scary, eh? I want to live where you live.

    I’m not an action hero. I’m a father and a husband. And I’ll be damned if I don’t protect my family to the fullest extent.

    My gun has never left its holster, and it won’t until I’m set and ready and have a very good reason to kill someone. Period.

    That’s what I mean by security.


    Caio, normally I don’t agree with you because you are usually an ass, but you do have a point. I know quite a few people who stockpile weapons to be “prepared”. I believe money spent beyond just having a few firearms is money wasted. If one truely wants to be prepared, than stock up on water and long-shelf life foodstuff, generators and fuel, these are much more likely to be used because of natural causes, than any sudden collapes of civilization which is unlikely to happen.


    DasMaus: I don’t think anyone in this *thread* has anything to back up their opinions. So far there’s: Guns only help if you’re a criminal, your guns will get taken by criminals, your children will be used as a meat shield, a fire alarm is to fires what guns are to b&es, John Lennon’s views didn’t matter (unless he posts here, no doubt–too bad for him), people who don’t like guns never go outside, a gun + dialing 9-1-1 is optimal, an alarm not only won’t scare burglars away it will actually make them want to commit mass murder, Jesus supported the buying of swords which we can equate to guns because of course they’re the exact same thing, and Gandhi probably suggested that violence is fine even though he died protesting it. Please, let’s not bother asking for empirical corroboration *now*.

    teezy weezy

    An idiot with a gun is an idiot with a gun.

    So those who have guns are living in fear, I don’t need one as I fear nothing, ohh I’m so hard 🙂


    Gun control aside, how did she end up at the bottom of the stairs? A gun wouldn’t stop a dude shoving her from behind.


    Everything you’ve heard is true. Nothing stops a bullet like a small child. I take kids with me everywhere so when I get in trouble I can through them under the train, metaphorically and then literally afterwards to blow off some steam.


    Bottom line is that people should have the RIGHT to be armed if they so choose, or to not be armed if they so choose.


    also, all you fags who are scared of weapons and think anyone who owns a weapon is a nutjob, don’t come stand behind me when shit goes down in your town.


    But when good people can buy guns legally, bad people can buy guns legally. At least in Yurop, it’s really hard to get a gun, even for the bad guys. Well, they could buy the cheap russian ones.
    It’s really funny thought: In my country, the law says that you can only protect yourself with the same weapon you was attacked with. So when somebody attack you with aknife, you can only defend yourself with a knife. Also you can’t use martial arts. There wa s aguy who defended her girlfriend from an attacker using Kung-Fu, and the attacker pressed charges against the guy, won, and the attacked guy had to go to prison for 3 months. You know fuck that, I’m moving to America.


    you know, maybe this means i’m insane, but i’m really interested in getting a gun and learning how to use it well because honestly i don’t trust our government. i feel like we’re on the edge of a war actually in our country or another depression, or, i don’t know, i just have a feeling something terrible is going to happen. and if there’s anarchy, i think i’ll need a gun.
    and i’m thinking of being more self-sufficient anyway and might take up hunting.
    really the reason is for self-reliance. i don’t want to have to rely on the police (like someone above me said, they can’t be everywhere at once), i don’t feel comfortable relying on our government to keep us safe (regardless of who is the next president), and i’m tired of eating “meat” from mc’donalds and all this other packaged shit people put their trust into to keep their families healthy.



    sudden collapes of civilization happen all the time all over the world.

    Florida which likely leads the world in prep. for disasters likely to happen in their area; has very few gun control laws (now) because they have watched it happen.

    Mother Nature can stop the world as we know it; via earthquakes; snow storms or tropical wind.

    and you are right; you should have some food; water; ability to heat your home (Eh; I don’t need electric; but then I have a wood/coal stove. If I needed used oil…)

    That said; I do not think that you need an 100 guns for self defense. I doubt I’ll ever own more then a shotgun (turkey); a deer rifle(for cats); an AR15 (M4 type: weapon I am most trained with – hobby & protection) and a couple of pistols (because I can’t carry a rifle to the mall).


    vutterfly just remember deer are brown and cute, looking athletic(see bambi’s mother)

    cows are white and black & are not cute. Some cows are brown. They do not look cute or athletic

    *damned New Yorkers*


    Regardless of the wrongs and rights of owning a gun, does anyone else feel that excessive interest in guns is a bit like wearing a giant sign that says “I’m slightly inadequate”? It’s beaten only by owning a giant, penis shaped car…..


    @tiki god as a member of the United Zombie Coalition I assure you, that you have no need for guns, cricket bats, screwdrivers, or crowbars.

    You will also find that the Interplanetary Reaver Group, in the interest of world peace, suggest that all weapons be substituted for A1 steak sauce.

    Have a nice day!

    tiki god

    I find your claims suspect, but I’m a fan of A1 steak sauce. Would you be willing to set up a Guns for Sauce drive?


    wow, I wonder if this pic has the most comments ever posted on MCS.


    “a deer rifle(for cats)”???

    Be glad you don’t live close to me.
    Reason: If you would shoot my cat, none of your rifles would help your douchbaggy ass stay alive.

    As for the topic at hand: Yes, I have a handgun.
    Yes, it’s for home defense.
    But in the case someone would break in, I’d probably go for one of my blades first.


    I like guns. I don’t own one. When I have the money for some training courses then I will own one.

    I’m not worried about people breaking into my house… I’m more worried about zombies.



    Seems like there was a pitbull argument that had a large amount of comments ( This one may surpass it though.


    The idea that a burglar is likely to disarm a homeowner simply isn’t backed up by evidence. Any motherfucker who tries to take the 12 gauge out of my hands is going to have an ounce of 00 buckshot where his lungs should be.


    It’s funny that for the pro gun arguments to be valid it means everyone you don’t know is some sort of blood hungry serial killer. I mean do you people really believe that “bad guys” from the movies exist in real life? That every burglar, thief or petty criminal (hell even just a stranger) is a “bad guy” who speaks in a dodgy English or Russian accent, laughs manically for no reason and wants nothing more than to rape your family while stroking their moustache? Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there must be one guy on the planet who fits that description, probably bit overkill to arm an entire nation for him.


    gudis- I also find the fear of a gun being taken from my hand ludicrous. I take reasonable precautions against someone accessing a firearm from storage, but if I’m using a gun for defense, grabbing it is not helpful.

    Caio- blaming the suicide on the firearm is sort of a cop-out, isn’t it? Once a decision has been reached to end one’s own life, it happens. “Suicide attempts” are bad plans or cries for attention, both should be ignored.

    vutterfly- Go for it, learn proper safety first and find a decent club with a range in your area. “Conservation Clubs” are a good bet. Firearms are just a tool, they require skill to be used properly, and can cause disaster if used improperly. Responsible tool use is your birthright as a human being.


    I’m by most accounts a fairly liberal guy, but I can’t agree with a total ban on guns. The assault weapons, armor piercing stuff… that’s hard to defend. But I consider a gun or 2 to be anarchy insurance. Should the social network break down (katrina, for instance), I’ll be happy to have a few weapons handy. Might never need them- I HOPE I never need them… but good to have.

    It seems that if having a gun or 2 in your home is your personal choice, and it doesn’t affect anyone else, people shouldn’t try to tell you what you can do in THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME.


    Real self defense truly begins and ends with the right mindset. Ever heard those stories of old people fending off attackers half their age? Being physically able, with or without a weapon, will only get you so far.

    You must first have the right method of thinking. You must refuse to become a victim or to let your attacker get away with whatever he/she is trying to do. You have to be convinced that you will not cower or break, as corny as it all sounds.

    tiki god

    you’ve obviously never tried hunting the deadly “Kevlar bear”. we have a few of them running around Florida here, and you absolutely need armor piercing bullets to take them down!


    @tiki: Ted Kennedy wanted to ban the 30-30 Winchester rifle cartridge because it was “armor piercing” the 30-30 rifle round was developed in 1895 (a full 70 years before kevlar), it was and still remains a very popular choice for deer hunting. Any rifle cartridge capable of being effective on (medium or large) game is going to go through a kevlar vest faster than you can say “Chappaquiddick”.


    In addition to what tiki said i assume you have never heard of the Depleted Uranium Wolf. And let me tell you, the only thing that will kill them is a metis-m.

    (Here is a picture of one:


    My stance on gun control has done a 180. I grew up in NYC and was raised by hippies. Needless to say I was pro gun control. I’ve now been living in the mountains of West Virginia for 10 years and have seen how much a part of the culture guns and hunting are. I don’t own a gun, will never own a gun. Arthritis in my hands prohibit my ability to shoot anything. I do think though, that the fact that almost e1 here owns several guns keeps people from breaking into houses. I don’t know if I can even recall a single break-in since I’ve been here; actually I should say, no break-ins for the sole purpose of stealing. There have been break-ins among certain segments of society and they always seem to have a relationship, extremely few stranger break-ins. Break-ins and murders are almost always drug related here and happen in the medium sized cities in the area. I think (and this is strictly an opinion) that guns are less of a problem in rural areas. The problem starts when you get into bigger cities where it’s impossible to know all your neighbors and the crime rate is generally higher. People are afraid of what they don’t know, and in a big city that’s almost everyone and everything. Too many guns in large cities is asking for for trouble. Large cities also have more cops, better trained cops and better paid cops. The cops around here, let’s just say if I could shoot a gun I would not wait around for one of those goobers to save my ass.


    Nice Dasmus, you’re right but your missing the message.


    i know what you mean, i’m pretty liberal too but that same image comes into mind of hurricane katrina. people really snap when reality breaks. and in working towards being more self-sufficient, i’m hopefully getting closer to the point that if reality breaks, i’ll just adapt rather than snap like that. and be able to defend myself and my family.
    and also i agree with nyokki. =)


    ARMED she does not have the free hand capacity to make me a sammich UNARMED she can make me a goddamn sammich.

    PS dont you think its quite sexist that they have only includeed the visage of a helpless woman and the only way she can protect herself is use a gun. its quite obvious she could just make the murderor a sammich or use her secution to woo the would be killer into submission YAY FOR VAGINAS


    PS im australian the only use we have for guns is hunting. if someone was stupid enough to arm themselves in the suburbs … the guns would be the thing that would get robbed. and remember GUNS ARE BIG METAL SHINY PENISES



    i read some of this thread and it seems that you guys all think that everyoine is out to get you. Are you dead fucking serious you are scared of your neighbours. shit carry a fucking bowie knife around noone fucks with someone crazy enough to have a knife. we all remember the saying ‘guns for show, knives for a pro’.

    TL’DR you are all fags and i hate you my own opinion is the only one that matters you are all figments of my imagination.


    In my town we had two big crimes last year:

    1) Some guy strangled his daughter.

    2) Some kid with a bandana over his faced robbed a convenience store with a knife. They showed the security video at the high school the next day, and everyone recognized the kid from his t-shirt.


    You Americans make me sick. I have never met a more ignorant bunch of people when it comes to weapons/guns.
    Do the world a favor…
    When you finally learn that violence, in any form, is wrong, and is what *is* wrong with this world, then only can we move on as a race.
    You make me sick ‘holding you dicks while polishing your gun’ mentality is so neanderthal.
    I apologise to the few American people whom don’t fall into the gun bashing category, though I’ve yet to meet one.



    but 9 out of 10 dentists agree that violence done towards me when i’m minding my own business is much worse than the violence I cause to stop it. But should there ever be riots or general social breakdown in your area, you can feel satisfied in not perpetuating the circle of violence as you are violently attacked for your food, water or other goods.


    @tisk: Why do you spell ‘favour’ the American way?

    tiki god

    you just described practically every country on the face of the planet. sounds like you’re a bigoted ass hole who doesn’t know shit about shit.

    Violence, in any form, is NOT wrong. If someone’s raping my daughter, and I walk in on it, you better realize that I’m gonna have to choke a bitch. If you’re creeping around my living room at 3AM, and I (or my dogs) hear you, you better hope that I grabbed by 22 and not my raging hard on bull.

    Also, I’ll lol when the US comes and saves whatever backward ass country you live in, because I can nearly guarantee that if your country is a disarmed country, it’s ripe for invasion from zombie hordes.


    My guess is that he’s American, just really young and teen angst rebellious. His English is too idiomatic to be second language, and his mistakes all deal with stabs at upper-registers. But he still spells the American way.


    Wow! You are SOOOO enlightened! How did you ever make the connection that humans are prone to violence?

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold your dick and polish your gun at the same time? (I’ll refrain from the whole ‘this is my rifle, this is my gun’ debate)

    H. neanderthalensis used spears, H. sapiens are the ones responsible for projectile weapons.

    And for the record, I don’t think I fall into the gun bashing category, I own a wide variety of pistols, rifles and shotguns and I love each and every one of them. Nice to meet you. You can stfu now.



    75th comment!!


    Do you really have a daughter, Tiki?


    Okay, Option 1: I get a gun. Caliber choice depending on just how insecure I feel about my dink. Then when my daughter gets up in the middle of the night for a drink, i’ll come tearing out and shoot her. Great Idea.
    Or how about Option 2: I live in a good area or a Canadian city/town, thank god i’m not an ignorant redneck. And sleep soundly knowing that if someone did invade my home, they’d have 200lbs of angry pissed of ‘me’ to deal with. I’m not going to add risk to an already precarious situation, and I sure as hell don’t need a gun to chase of an intruder. Grow a set fellows.


    If you’re dumb enough to shoot blindly in the middle of the night when you have kids in the house, then maybe a gun isn’t for you.


    HA! I just realized that this graphic was advocating that people should hold onto their guns more tightly! It says ‘DISARMED’, not ‘UNARMED’


    Wow, MrDooves. Wow. I really hope you’re a troll.

    1) Your daughter getting a drink will probably *not* sound like somebody BREAKING INTO YOUR HOUSE. If it does, have her take ballet so she doesn’t stumble around like a drunken ogre the rest of her life.

    2) Call me crazy, but I’m going to have to put my money on an intruder with a gun. I know, I know. You’re 200 lbs of Angry McBadass Awesome living in Utopia Central, but I’ve just got a “feeling” your 200 lbs of marble-like musculature is not going to stop a 9mm or > round.

    And like Chris said, any responsible gun owner is going to have the presence of mind to make sure he/she positively identifies anybody they shoot at.


    You think being opposed to guns in a home with children makes me a troll? You have to appreciate my point of view, not to mention that armed home invasion in Canada is almost unheard of.
    I’ve always been good with guns, but the risk of something going wrong drastically escalates when everybody is packing.
    I’m not a barbarian either, but I trust my hands more than a gun. If I run out with a gun, then the intruder is gonna abandon reason and just start shooting. What could have been a simple B&E turns gun fight real quick. I much prefer stray fists to stray gunfire when my girl is involved. When I was 20-25 i’d probably run out there with my replica Glamdring screaming “you shall not pass”, but things change when you go “daddy”. You avoid trouble, cause its not just you at stake. Make the tough decisions, leave guns out of the equation. Get a dog or an alarm system. Mind you, I’ve still got “Glamdring” just in case. That’d make a great hero moment.


    “then maybe a gun isn’t for you”?
    Well yes, that’s it exactly… actually I think that was the one and only point of my post… right?
    Unless you’re trained by the military or police force, I don’t think you should have a gun. Mind you, I live in a very safe place. If I lived in the states with a bunch of gun totting rednecks, I’d guess i’l… well, no i’d probably just move.


    yes, that is the point of your post, except you extrapolated it out to where it applies to everyone. If you’re dumb enough to shoot your kid, you shouldn’t have a gun – but that doesn’t mean NOBODY should have a gun.


    Oh, I maintain that NOBODY should have a gun. That’s the ultimate solution to this whole problem.
    How many might be criminal punks get their guns from Daddies closet? If you aren’t part of the solution,… right?


    The comments just keep going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going….


    except you aren’t solving the problem… if there was a magic button to make all guns disappear, that’d be one thing. 100+0=100, not 100+0=0. you don’t have a gun, while all sorts of other people still do. Nothing has changed in the greater picture. The world of SHOULD is not the world of IS.


    For the record, I am in the military. So I’m not just some guy who just goes and shoots cans in his back yard(although it can be fun).

    MrDooves, do you really think that if you outlaw firearms as a whole for civilians that it will solve crime? That’s absurd. The only people who would obey that are obviously people who obey the law in the first place and therefore, the ones who are unlikely to be committing robbery, murder, assault, etc.

    I don’t know, maybe when you outlaw guns as a whole and crime is stopped, you can hop on your winged horse and fly to the Never Never Land ruled by the Sherbert Royals where happy thoughts and sunshine keep you safe.

    And do you really think most crimes are committed by kids who take “daddy’s weapons?” Are you kidding me? Out of the string of violent crimes committed recently(mall shootings, school shootings, etc), I don’t recall a single one of those people getting their weapon from their parents. In fact, I recall them mostly acquiring the guns illegally.

    Even if they did ban guns wholesale, how in the world are you going to go about accounting for every gun in whatever country it is? It’s impossible and impractical.

    I have every bit of confidence in myself when it comes to hand to hand combat or self defense, but rushing an intruder with your bare hands when, for all you know, there’s more than one of them and they could all be armed is pretty fucking stupid. You’re no good to your family dead, as heroic as it might sound to rush your attackers bare handed.

    I understand you don’t want to risk your daughter’s life, and I can appreciate and really understand that, but if there’s ever a situation where her life is in danger, a firearm is going to give you a much better, more distinct advantage if you would just take the time to properly train yourself and educate your family on the subject.

    I say again, any half sensible person is not just going to grab his weapon and fire indiscriminately into the darkness after he hears the slightest noise. If things were really like that, don’t you think there would be a LOT more deaths in the U.S.?


    I’m a realist, and I know there will always be crime, But do you think for a second that giving everyone a gun will improve the situation? You fucking rednecks. “the only solution to guns is more guns”? Holy Crap, I’m glad I don’t live near you.
    I NEVER said ‘most’ kids get guns from their parents. Don’t misquote me. And you can’t refute the fact that kids can and do get into their parents shit.

    As for the big magic button that makes guns go away? That was your idea. I’m aware certain places are filled with hillbillies that will fight to the death for their right to bare, doesn’t mean I have to contribute. There are much safer ways to secure a home. Mainly just not living in the U.S.

    Have you people been making allot of enemies or
    something? Save for a routine burglary, what kind of intruders are you expecting? There is obviously a HUGE difference between my home and yours. If there are malicious rapists and murderers just itching to crawl in through your windows, maybe you should move?

    and no i wouldn’t ‘rush’ an intruder, confronting them at all shouldn’t be necessary. Likely I would shout out to frighten them away, then hide and wait with a blunt object in hand. Chances of it coming to blows are slim, but I can hold my own.

    “More deaths in the U.S.”? due to shootings? Are you kidding? Is that even possible? Have you looked at the stat’s for shootings in the u.s, accidental or not? Even your countries leaders accidentally shoot each other. The figures are haunting, ‘exponentially’ more so than any other country. Compared to the rest of the ‘civilized’ world, You basically live in a war zone.

    So for you, maybe I agree. Buy a gun, throw some bars on the windows. Get your children little matching Kevlar vests. and Hell, why not set up a gun turret in the front yard! Anything to keep that little slice of paradise safe right?

    Meanwhile, I’m going to vote in favor of social progress.


    “Oh, I maintain that NOBODY should have a gun. ”
    You’re the one who said NOBODY should own a gun, not me. I’m merely pointing out, through the magic button theory, the only way that would ever be possible.

    And what? Do you really think if people stopped owning guns that violence would just cease? Are you stupid? How about that Japanese guy that stabbed, what was it—13 people or so just a few months ago?

    No, I’m not kidding. If every gun owner in the U.S. just shot at the darkness every time there was a slight sound, I can assure you the amount of deaths due to firearms would skyrocket. That’s just common sense.

    Have you ever even shot a firearm? Or do you even know any responsible firearm owners? And maybe it IS a little paranoid to think you might have to defend yourself or your family one day, but I’d much rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. You can take your chances with your bare hands, Billy Badass.

    I didn’t say there are malicious “rapists and murderers just itching to get into my house” or whatever, but are you telling me that you’ve never known somebody who’s had a robbery or a break in of any sort?

    War zone? It sounds to me like you’re basing your uneducated opinions on gun control from biased articles you’ve been reading. The VAST MAJORITY of these firearm related deaths are suicide, first of all. Secondly, most of the rest of those deaths are due to something completely illegal (i.e. murder, gang violence, etc) and NOT somebody who was killed when somebody else tried to defend him/herself.

    Where do you live? Chances are, I’d bet your country probably has more deaths per year via automobile accidents than the U.S. has from gun related violent crime. Yet, I don’t see you crying about how everybody should just walk for the safety of your daughter. In fact, I’m willing to bet a large sum of money you DROVE YOUR FUCKING DEATH MACHINE some time today.

    Also, hiding and attacking an intruder when you don’t know ANYTHING about them is still pretty fucking stupid. And since I’m guessing since you have yet to do this to your daughter, which is your aforementioned reasoning for not owning a firearm, I have to wonder why you think you would do this when you bought a firearm. Would you suddenly just lose all fucking sense and decide “Well, I’ve never been bothered by the noises in the night before. But, hey, now that I have a firearm, I guess I’ll just shoot shit up.”?

    If you don’t want to own a gun, that’s fine, and it’s your choice. But don’t make up retarded ass arguments about how all gun owners are just nutjobs itching to blindly fire their weapons in the hopes of killing somebody. You’re the one talking about “voting in favor of social progress,” yet you’re also the one wanting to impose YOUR way of life on other people. Now I’m sure you’ll retort with something even more fucking stupid that boils down to you saying what you’ve been saying all along:


    Please, tell me the amount of times somebody’s tried to force you to own a gun.

    Actually, don’t, because I’m pretty sure the number is ZERO. I’m done with this argument because it’s been rehashed and repeated over and over, and I pretty much know exactly what the point of your next response is going to be.

    I’ll go turn in my firearms now so we can all evolve into beings of pure energy.


    One last thing: I never said EVERYONE should have a gun. Just like EVERYONE should not have kids, vehicles, or anything else that requires a modicum of responsibility.

    Owning a firearm is a responsibility. It’s not a toy, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Guns are fun and all, but a responsible gun owner knows this and will teach his family the same. Even in the military, during all of our training, it’s always SAFETY FIRST. Any half brained idiot knows that.

    Sorry if you’re too fucking dense to realize that it’s VERY POSSIBLE for people to own AND operate firearms in a safe manner.

    Like I said, I’m going back into my pumpkin carriage so I can ride back my villa where I can live happily ever after.


    Did anyone notice that the post was ‘armed’ vs. ‘disarmed’ not ‘armed’ vs. ‘unarmed.’ Disarmed means that she was armed (as in the first frame) and the gun was taken away from her. The majority of posters are arguing that her being ‘unarmed’ is the reason for her dilemma.


    Be this the thread that will never die?
    We’re obviously speaking from two very different perspectives. You seem completely incapable of absorbing any new information, and i can’t find logic in your thinking either, so I digress.

    I can admit that I appreciate your perspective. Perhaps you have no choice but to live in a bad neighborhood or something… Who am I to judge you. I’m also glad you take a responsible approach to gun ownership. That’s a rare virtue.

    You really seem to have taken allot of my posts personally. I’m not judging your choices.I was simply defending the logic of my own. When I originally stated my opinion, the hicks came popping out of their foxholes ready to shoot. *Pun intended* I was called every form of stupid because I don’t want to own a gun.

    I respect your decision to own a gun. Perhaps where you live, there is a high risk of home invasion. My confusion is why you would stay…?

    I do not like guns. I don’t like what they represent. I have lived a long happy life without them. I WILL continue to live safely as will my family.

    I have a security system, and I have myself, and I even feel that is excessive. I will NOT live my life in fear and preparation for all the big “If’s” of life. Should hell freeze over, and an angry predator storms my home, isn’t disuaded by the blaring alarm and grown man holding a bat, then we’ll let the chips fall. I take responsibility for that, but I won’t contribute to the *problem*. God willing, this logic will spread. The world doesn’t need any more guns.


    @jclimenh: the hypothetical “disarmed” in the pic refers to civilian disarmament via government policy, as opposed to say, being disarmed by an intruder.


    @Mr Dooves
    Are you saying that you would be willing to face an armed and determined criminal with a baseball bat?

    I cannot fault you for your choices, as you seem to be willing to take responsibility for them, however have you really thought about the true nature of the “problem” you seem to be so fixated on?

    Do you really think “guns” are the problem? How about knives? Or tire irons? In fact, how about base ball bats? Is bat violence ok?

    You seem to be OK with baseball bats, so let me ask you this. Are you arguing that its OK to get robbed just so long as it’s with a baseball bat? Or do you just take exception to gun robberies?

    My issue with your point of view, and that of people who follow the logic you are attempting to spread, is that you all seem to be fixated on a peripheral points.

    You say you do not like what guns represent. I would put to you, that they represent no more or less than the person holding it. To think anything otherwise is illogical.

    Do you also hate what a gun in the hands of a hunter out to get dinner represents? Or in the hands of a police officer who is attempting to defend you from an armed aggressor? In both of these cases, the gun is purely incidental. It could just as easily be a fishing rod/bow, or a taser/nightstick.

    Your dislike should be towards the aggressor, not the tool he chooses to use. Your arguments appear to assume that the tool represents the violence. I assure you, it does not. Where I grew up, I saw just as much violence with random objects, such as machetes, automotive leaf springs, rocks, pens, etc… as I did with firearms of any type. In fact I daresay I’ve seen non firearm related violence than armed.

    So I can tell you, from first hand experience, that you do not need a firearm to commit acts of atrocity. And, more importantly, a gun, as with any other weapon, is no more than a tool, that is just as effective for good purposes as it is for bad. To take any other position is simple foolish.

    You say you will not live your life in fear. Really? You have a baseball bat and a burglar alarm. Do you use the burglar alarm out of fear? In fact you probably also have a fire alarm. Was that installed out of fear? Do you have a spare tire in your car because of fear? How about insurance? If those aren’t living in preparation and fear of big “if’s” of life, then what is?

    I wish people would stop attributing non-existent characteristics to things, based on flawed assumptions and their own personal fears, and projecting them upon everyone else…


    Bah… That got a little long. My apologies. And pls ignore the typos…



    @Mr Dooves

    Probably too late, but I have to ask:
    Would you post your home as a “Gun Free Zone”?
    As in putting up a sign proclaiming your lack firearms?

    Would you post your address along with the fact that you refuse to own a firearm?

    The ownership of firearms, and the possibility of encountering one behind any door is a deterrent to criminals. If you choose to own zero firearms, fine. But the mere possibility of having a firearm in a home is why home invasions are so rare, while burglaries of unoccupied homes continue.

    Also ask yourself this:
    1-Would you shoot someone raping your mother/daughter/co-worker/son?
    2-Could you shoot a VT/Columbine-style attacker to protect yourself and innocent lives?
    –The answer to those should be YES, any jury would agree with you, your favorite deity would agree, and your community would applaud you as a hero.

    3-Could you ever knowingly shoot someone you love? Purposely murder your daughter, son, wife, parent?
    4-Would you leave a firearm accessible to children, criminals, or cretins?
    –Hopefully the answer to these is NO, because nobody intends to be irresponsible with any tool. Just as nobody buys a circular saw planning on not using hand guards/safety techniques, and then willfully cuts off a few fingers, also nobody I would associate with purchases a handgun intending to be anything but responsible with it.


    Though it seems like people are missing my original intention, i’m still curious to reply.

    How can you truly compare guns to melee weapons of any kind? People will always be violent, and yes, they will find ways to be violent with whatever they can find. Guns take things to entirely new levels. They are cold and merciless machines, they remove the user from the actual act. Just “point and squeeze”. By your own logic, people are inherently violent, so why in gods name should we promote making the process even easier for them?

    I don’t have a problem with guns in the hands of trained professionals. Military or police force alike. And if the process of obtaining a license to own and operate was as vigorous, I’d rest a bit easier. But wielding a gun in your own home only escalates an already dangerous situation. These people are not trained, and will just as likely hurt themselves, their family, their neighbors.

    Owning an alarm system is VERY different than owning a gun. Where do you draw the line between caution and outright paranoia? Are we preparing for war? Hell, that in mind, if a handgun keeps you safe, an M4 Carbine would keep you even “safer”! How about automated gun turrets in each room, just in case of the Zombie apocalypse… right? I haven’t prepared my home for a raptor attack either, do you have any suggestions?

    Yes, there is a ‘chance’ a doped up junkie will somehow enter my home, wont be bothered by the alarm or grown man approaching him, and just start shooting. There is probably a ‘better’ chance I’ll trip on the front steps and break my neck, but I’m not gonna coat the stairs in rubber or dress in foam. I wont stagger about in a fearful daze of the Everything and Anything that ‘MIGHT’ go wrong. Of course I’ll take reasonable precautions, but I will not sacrifice my peace of mind or my moral standards for “If”.


    MrDooves, I applaud you for your utopian vision but you need a serious reality check. As long as people exist (I really hope you’re not one of those people who advocate destroying the human species to save the planet idiots) there will be conflict and crime. Since all men are not physically equal, the predators will always seek an advantage. Based on my size and skills, I feel exceptionally confident taking on anybody on fairly equal footing. However, I am not foolish enough to think the footing will ebe equal 100% of the time. You come to a fistfight and the other guy has a rock, you bring a stick and he has a sharp stick, you get a knife he gets a sword, so on and so forth until you’re dealing with nuclear weapons and particle beams.

    “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” I don’t live in fear of home invasion or robbery but when it comes to the safety of my family I will do everything I can to stack the deck in their favor. If a baseball bat is enough of a deterrent then fantastic, it won’t escalate. But if that’s as far as you are willing go to protect your family, I truly hope that they won’t have to be picked up with the rest of your “chips.”

    And to everybody who thinks that guns are some sort of small penis redneck compensation device, grow up; a firearm of any type is simply a tool. Just like a vehicle, yeah some losers use theirs to validate their manhood but most folks just use them for what they were intended for. You seem quite intelligent and I respect your decision to not own a gun but don’t lower yourself by lumping all gun owners into your redneck stereotype.


    @Mr. Dooves
    Please listen to what you are saying: “Guns are cold and merciless machines.” As opposed what? A rock? Or a knife? Do other weapons possess some sense of mercy, or compassion that firearms do not? The purpose of my comparison was simply to point out that you are imbuing firearms with a fictional malevolent personality.

    You are still making emotionally biased arguments that have no truth in reality. Guns remove the user from the actual act? Really? If that’s the case, then why do police officers who have had to kill someone in the line of duty have to go for counseling afterwards?

    Killing is killing. Even with a firearm, it is a traumatic experience for the killer. The firearm, by itself, cannot remove the reality of that from the shooter. Only people who have already experienced traumas that have numbed them to death and killing will be unaffected, and for people like that, who are already used to it, it will make no difference what weapon they kill you with.

    I do not believe you fully realize that while there are those who are indeed just paranoid, there are others do actually need a firearm to stay safe, and that there are people who actually do train with, and use them responsibility. You have lived a life that has made the need for a firearm unnecessary, and you feel safe and sound in your own home. I am happy for you for that.

    But please do not imagine that your life is mirrored by every one else. What makes sense for you does not makes sense for everyone else. The fact that someone has taken an opposing position does not make them “blinded by fear”.

    If that were the case, It would be an equally valid argument for someone else to accuse you of being “blinded with fear” about everyone having guns. If you are worried about untrained residential firearm owners, then how about pushing for stricter regulation on that?

    That’s somthing even I would go for. Heck, I think the same thing should be done for drivers licenses, cars are much more lethal than firearms. If people could be legally liable for not taking the requisite training/refreshers/etc., that would give everyone a choice, and will allow you to rest easy right?

    How about pushing for that, instead of lumping all gun owners into the redneck demographic, writing them off as gun toting cretins, and depriving people who really need it of a way of defending themselves?

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