Someone Call The A Team

Someone Call The A Team

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    If I had to guess, I’d say that this, too, is painted on a military vehicle.

    Billy Manic

    At least the police can hit their targets.


    Are you kidding me? Mr. T pities the fool with poor marksmanship.


    Is a military vehicle made of this stucco-cement wall? Maybe stucco mobile, discontinued due to poor RPG resistance. However, it most definately should be painted on a military vehicle, but would they really appreciate the message? :p


    You might be right, on second thought. The reason I thought such a thing is that, up close, military vehicles have that sort of rough, painted texture. Also, I thought that the “A Team” reference might be referenced not only to the glorious Mr. T, but the basic unit of the Green Berets, the SFOD A(Special Forces Operational Detachment), or “A Team” as some call it.

    But yeah, that’s kind of a stretch. You’re probably right….you dirty whore.


    it looks like a stencil. to me, that screams graffiti. to say that this might be on a piece of american military machinery is adorable; americans are so busy fighting a war on terror they couldn’t avoid getting tagged by a graffiti artist!

    Billy Manic

    I was indeed.

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