Max Payne Promo Pics

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Starring Mark Wahlberg, i dont know why but i have high hopes for this movie…probably cause of the following resons

1. the trailer was awesome.
2. it has mark wahlberg in it (but i guess he lost a little of his credibility after ‘the happening’)
3. Rockstar games wont sell out on a cheap script cause there quite picky when it comes to these kinda things…. i hope!!

Does anyone know what those flying things are?? there were no such things in the game though….

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    What flying things? do you mean his guns or the snow?


    Oh wait, just saw the trailer, the flying thing is most probably a hallucination after taking the valkyr drug.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The one writer is good. The other is completely unproven.

    The director…of Behind Enemy Lines?

    Fear the worst. Probably started as a good script and got shit on.


    I like how they kept the awesome elements fromt eh game… like how he jumps, the flames… it looks like the game… HOWEVER

    To answer those flying things… Read the synopsis.. it says:

    “…is forced to battle enemies beyond the natural world…”

    Crap. No occult things please… It will ruin this if they go this direction… like DOOM was ruined by a lot of things, especially the fact that the monsters werent from hell.


    What the fuck, I expected Clive Owen to be Max Payne and the director to be Frank Miller (of Sin City and 300).

    This movie’s going to be a fuck up. Let’s hope for the best.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Isn’t a Max Payne movie redundant? The game was just a rip off of all the John Woo/Matrix movies at the time. Turning it back into a movie is like coming out with a novelization of the LotR movies.


    : clive owen wouldn’t touch this with a tenfoot clown pole. he makes real movies.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    like Shoot Em Up….wait that movie ate cock.

    Clive Owen doesn’t make movies. He gets put in them and has been known to act in some pretty piss poor shit too.

    This and The Spirit will both eat it raw.


    This movie is going to suck balls for one reason alone: it’s being made from a video game.

    Just to jog your memory, here…Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Doom, Silent Hill, BloodRayne, Alone In the Dark, Mortal Kombat, House of the Dead, Dead or Alive, and Double Dragon.

    Billy Manic



    Well, I played the game a ton and think the trailer looks freaking awesome and true to the game. So there.


    That was my favorite part of the game: the fire guns that shoot fire.


    It could be worse, it could be a Ewe Boll movie.


    At first glance I thought these would be cool pics, but the jacked up angles on his akimbo muzzle flash is just annoying as hell…

    tiki god

    but but but

    resident evil!



    Do you really like the RE movies?

    I thought they were okay. Definitely the best game-to-big screen movie there’s been, but I still didn’t see them as being all that great. Maybe slightly above an average, B movie. But that’s just my opinion. Besides, they do seem to be pretty popular.


    Metroid is just begging to made into the best video game crossover movie of all time, blowing the rest to smithereens.

    also Mario Kart should be a saturday morning cartoon show.



    But, but… I liked those movies? Save for Dead or Alive, and BloodRayne.


    i love dead or alive, bloodrayne and i really like ewe boll. i loved all his movies. just telling you not everyone thinks like you do.


    Hahaha l337mastergam3r4life. Troll of obviousness.

    To be honest, Kaze, I liked some of those movies, too…when I was a kid. Mainly Double Dragon and MK. I mean, come on. The soundtrack to MK back then was the balls. But I saw MK on tv just the other day and I really realized just how utterly bad it was.

    But, really though…you liked Doom?


    Mortal Kombat (the first one) is entertaining. It was the first successful video-game to movie convertion without changing too much crap. Now the second one, that’s a shame.

    As for Max Payne, I expect drugs and guns. Not really video-game material but they might come up with lots of ass-kicking head-blowing sequences.


    Ya, In general its been a tough run for Game/movie conversions, but what can we do other than hope? Max Payne had such a wicked style. Cinematics and flashbacks were incredibly well directed, though I thought the same about Hitman, and that movie was pretty poop.
    As for Resident Evil, any true fans of the Game hate the movies, but i’m real excited about the CG movie.
    I did like “Dead or Alive”, but the whole purpose of the game was half naked bitches kicking ass, and that’s about all the movie had. Or maybe my ‘dink’ liked the movie, hard to tell. Strange how every response inevitably ends with my dink.
    And never forget the glory of “Advent Children”.
    Not only a good game/movie, but an awesome movie in general. It will give us all hope in the dark times to come.

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