weapons of the trade

weapons of the trade

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    Everything is dirty and beaten to shit, except the soldier’s uniform, I love it


    That means the weapons almost never need to be replaced.. the BDUs are replaced way more often than the weapons need it! Yes, we are talking about cloth vs metal, but the AKs were designed to be fired after being submerged in mud! I am not too sure how rugged the AR is.. apparently way more than the M-16s..


    man that trijicon looks like its seen some better days


    Except thats it not a Trijicon product at all. The optic is an Eotech, but yeah, its been beaten to shit, and they dont hold up as well to abuse as a Trijicon.

    And while yeah the AK is more reliable than the AR/M16/M4 platform, the AR is more than reliable enough if you understand how it work when you clean it.

    Carbines are like women, you need to run em wet.


    This is also a good representation of the worth of those weapons. The M-4 is still in use by this soldier, while the AKs are discarded against a wall with their muzzles down on the ground, their owners probable dead.


    yep not sure why i even said trijicon, must have been in my head from cleaning my glock earlier or something. I even used to have an eotech on a .357, the company logo is about the only thing not worn off of it too lol……and now my army buddy FlyingMantisShrimp is heckling me about it on IM 🙁


    No butt stocks on those weapons. No wonder they can’t hit anything with ’em.


    Call me… Drebin.

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