Tapes of the past

Tapes of the past

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    Ah tapes…tbe days of joy…Of mixtapes being thrown at you for having such shit taste…
    Oh memories


    Hey, SonicX, don’t you mean Memorex?



    i see what you did there. my personal favorite were the tapes that had a clear casing and the moving parts were neon blue and pink and orange.
    those were the days.


    Yeah, but do you guys remember having these things as a HDD for the trash-80? Lots of fun there…


    i guess i shouldn’t mention my 8 track collection… i actually used to own some factory recorded and released reel to reel albums, too. i have 400-500 cassettes.

    Alec Dalek

    Tapes were far superior to records, so I don’t know why you still see retard DJs using them (you know, those guys that think they’re gods because they know how to play other peoples music). Due to limitations of the medium, you can only cram so much sound onto a record (you can always tell if your listening to an MP3 that was recorded from vinyl). Sure there were some very expensive devices that could fix some of this, but the cheapest Walkman would still reproduce a much richer sound. Sometimes I think it’s just that some people are so… Read more »

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