iron man – comic poster

iron man - comic poster

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    Billy Manic

    Serious Iron Man is serious.


    Did the movie suit seem any less believable than the one in the comic? Didn’t think so. Name one movie that nailed their hero’s suit so hard? You can’t.

    bright green

    Let iron man die. I’m sick of seeing pictures of him.


    I thought the movie was cool, and wasn’t too bad of a transition to the screen.. but what still pisses me off about movies these days is that no matter how good the suit/tank/aircraft is, no one can get slammed around inside a can without getting knocked unconscious or just plain killed… yes I want realism in my made up movies and comics.

    For example, most of the injuries from the IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan are brain injuries from the guys being slammed around inside the Hummers.

    Is that what you meant too?


    : No, I meant it was so believable. Most comic images look goofy in movies, I.E. any X-Men, so they are changed to look like something someone might actually wear. In Iron Man, it looks just like the comic but so realistic too. Even Superman looks cartoony in his suit which is perfectly true to the comic look.

    I even believed the technology might actually be possible. If secured properly in the suit he wouldn’t get knocked around. He invented some sort of form-fitting super shock-absorbtion system.


    That CAD table rocked.

    Super shock absorbent? It’d have to be.. I mean, he was getting knocked around like Robocop in the Robo 1 vs Robo 2 fight… Plus they both fell 100 stories and were fine a few seconds later…


    More like 3 or 4 miles they fell. HE’S A GENIUS, YO. He built a circuit board at age 4.


    I mean the Robos fell 100 stories.. Through an awning and through the street below.. then they commenced to fighting under the streets..


    “I even believed the technology might actually be possible.”

    The technology’s not the problem. Proprietary Stark Industries® repulsorâ„¢ technology aside, those flappy things he uses to air brake *would* actually work.

    The problem is flat-out physics. Anything going THAT fast stopping THAT suddenly is going to experience massive deceleration forces that even the best flight suits/pressurized cockpits of today simply can’t handle. He’d be squashed like so much grape jelly against the inside-front of his armor.


    Anyone have any clue where i could get this?


    Mayyday Today’s pressurized cockpits weren’t invented by Tony Stark, G.


    It’s a work of fiction. Isn’t it?

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