Fallen Solider Memorial

Fallen Solider Memorial


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    are his body parts in those sand bags ??


    Hey Munch, why don’t you go ask those soldiers paying respects to their fallen brother if his parts are in the sandbags. When they get done kicking the holy hell outta you, if you still have teeth left and can speak, give us your answer.


    FYI I made the comment to see how fast one of “you” would reply. It’s a good thing there are hundreds of miles between me and you. 🙂


    Doesn’t matter what country your from. Making fun of a solider’s memorial still makes you a douche.


    In before Ismael making a prick out of himself. Also, poor soldiers. The saluting ones, I mean. One of their friends is dead, and that always just plain sucks.



    not Soldiers


    If not soldiers, than jarheads




    i hate that these people keep dying. i really, sincerely do. but.. i don’t get it.

    why join the military?

    and why are people so shocked that soldiers are dying?

    it’s like being surprised you caught a fish after baiting your hook and dropping your line.


    GrandAdmiralThrawn: If you’re going to argue that sort of semantics, then what you consider “soldiers” are correctly referred to as “infantrymen”, at which point the term “soldier” can be bumped back to a generic term referring to any member of the armed forces. Ergo, still soldiers.

    Not that I’d ever argue that sort of semantics mind you. I’m sticking to the, “Losing a friend sucks” side of things.

    silverflux: I don’t have any specific figures, but I believe that the overwhelming majority of people who enlist in the armed forces are not doing it for the purpose of getting killed. It’s an accepted risk, but the same can be said of the Police or Fire Departments. It has nothing to do with being surprised that soldiers in a war will get killed, but simply the fact that when one of your friends dies, for any reason, it blows big time.


    Sure blows, but I’d still say he was fair game – he did, after all, invade a foreign country. I mean – what would the Americans among you guys do if towel-headed sand niggers were occupying Murika?


    Wow. Sand niggers, eh? Really? Coming from the guy who was spewing hatred of American soldiers for indiscriminately killing foreigners? Hello, hypocrisy!

    And as for the whole “Marines vs. Soldiers” thing, it’s not just an argument on semantics. Marines themselves will usually tell you that they’re Marines, not Soldiers. The term Soldier is used to refer to a member of the Army.

    I know that doesn’t really make sense from a purely semantic view, but that’s just how things are in the military.


    how’re we gonna catch them million terrorists if our soldiers are dying?



    @FMS: Holy Fuck! So you actually managed to completely ignore all the irony I stuffed into that sentence, and, instead of arguing about my point, seriously took an emulated perspective for my own?

    Tell me you were kidding!


    What point, Gilly? The same point you brought up like 3 pages back that got completely talked into the dirt, yet you still had the nerve to play it all off and explain yourself as if anything you said/claimed made sense? The part where you admitted to not knowing anything about the military, but hating it as a whole anyway? That point?

    If you’ve got nothing better to do than lure people into stupid arguments over the Internet and rehash old topics that have pretty much proven you to be a close minded, judgemental, and arrogant moron of epic proportions, I really do pity you.

    Have fun with your witty comment that will be somewhere along the lines of “Blah blah blah I’m still right because I refuse to really hear anybody out on any other subject because my opinion reigns supreme.”



    Hey guys what’s goin on in dis fred?


    “Oh but mom, I’ll get paid shitloads of money once I come back, they told me so”

    The Joker would find this hilarious, even more so than it already is. The price of greedyness, that or the price of wanting to defend some asshole’s point of view.

    Luke Magnifico

    Dreth…the words you just said….are so, so full of fail.

    An incomprehensible amount of fail.


    Excellent… a dead soldier rant… thank you my muppet friends, you have made my afternoon.

    So, are we debating the nobility of dying for a pointless cause, a useless people, and in a war that is thrashing the US economy while still making the the rich and politically connected even richer?

    Or are we simply bashing some soldiers who are paying respects to a dead comrade who happens to have died in the above scenario? Which he volunteered to participate in. Just like they did.


    “We were just following orders.”


    Hah! I love that one too!

    That phrase is probably as old as human language itself.



    Alright. To get a little close to your niveau of hurling around attributes and focusless allegations: You really like insulting people rather than to debate, don’t you?

    Alec Dalek

    Caption: “My best friend got blow-ed up, but at least now America has cheaper gas.”


    Hardly is this war brining economic problems “Right now.” Richer are only getting richer in those contractors in the war (fucking dry cleaning for 100 bucks a pop?). The money going on the war isn’t a big chunk of US’s spending, but the fact that we borrowed all that money from China may be a bad thing that will fuck us in the rear later.

    Iraqis them selves are not really useless, nor is the war, but one way or the other we know they’re taking advantage of the war and using it for money laundry.


    Silverflux, if you cant figure it out for yourself and have to have someone tell you why they would or did join the military you honestly would not understand.

    For the rest of those here that find humor in the death of a US soldier/marine/sailor/airman you should be glad that the internet exists; because as everyone well knows if you were to spew that crap in public you know that you would get your ass kicked in a very painful fashion.


    my question, ghillie, was why is there shock when someone in the military dies? you sign up, you get a gun and you go out into the world to shoot people.

    when you’re shot, or blown up, or otherwise lose your life, people act so surprised about it and mourn you like it was such a crazy thing, as though a piano had fallen on your head completely by chance.

    you put yourself in harm’s way, you get dead.

    and i’m sorry, but most of the people i’ve asked who’ve joined the military have said it’s because they want to defend their country’s rights.

    except the US and Canada are not having their rights trampled on. Iraq had fuck-all to do with 9/11. so while i feel badly that this individual has died, i’m also confused; if you join a cult that promotes violence and you are violently killed, why is this a surprise for you or your family?


    p.s. there hasn’t been a single war in history that couldn’t have been averted.

    men like to fight. it’s when individuals are killed that shocks the shit out of them.


    That memorial really take the whole concept of memorials to an all time low. “We will remember him by his gun, his (possibly smelly) boots, and a couple of sandbags.” Na, kanne ich es noch furgessen?


    “Lrn2war”. Hehe, my ex-boyfriend wanted to be in the marines. In retrospect, I think he would be successful in that venture because he has an authority complex. Also, I think he has a instinctual need to protect something and when he doesn’t need to he stops caring about it.

    The irony comes in because he’s the one who wanted me to put it in his chute. Ahaha, mmmmm, he was sexy and I still love him though. Rather the problem lies where he doesn’t love me. It’s a pity, you know, he wasn’t ready to fully come out of the closet yet. Er hat eine kleiner Schwanz als meine Schwanz. Haha. Er hat wie fünf Inchen.


    Silverflux, you are mistaking shock for grief. Its no surprise/shock to anyone whether soldier or family member of soldier when a soldier dies in combat.

    Please dont try to equate the military to a cult. To do so insults those qho have served and shows you to be ignorant and not deserving of the freedoms you have and enjoy. It also shows you to be the exact person that John Stewart Mill was describing when he said.. ‘War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.’

    So when you see a veteran or military service member after your long day of creating websites and such you might consider thanking them for doing something that you are not able to bring yourself to do.


    that’s right. i don’t deserve freedom because i don’t agree with war and killing and bullying.


    Silverflux you deserve freedom as much as the next guy. What you and all the other people who think/believe that war is never the answer deserve is a reality check. In fact if it were not for war you would not live in the society you currently do being able to enjoy the freedoms you do.

    People who think that war is never the answer are the destroyers of civilization. Like parasites they take every advantage of a society created and maintained by their betters. They drain as much as they can, and replace it with a crude solipsism and work to crush the husk that remains. Their lives are ones of comfort and ease. Whats sad is that for in all their degrees and learning and rhetoric and billions and billions of words they have learned nothing worth knowing. For all intents and purposes they are barbarians.

    Civilization does not rest upon their (your) shoulders, it rests upon the shoulders of men with guns. As George Orwell stated…”We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our (your) behalf.”

    Civilization and the ability to inflict violence go together and are inseparable. People such as yourself cannot understand this. They look upon men with guns like apes gaping at The Last Supper.

    Most history books teach that Western Civilization began with the Greeks somewhere around 700 BC. Not so. It began with the Hebrews pushing into what they called ‘the Promised Land’ 500 years before. We forget that the most influential book in Western Civilization had its origins in the violence spread by the Israelite commander Joshua and his successors. The poetry of Solomon, the beauty of the Psalms, all rest upon the shoulders of Israelites with swords.

    The contributions of the Greeks came to us through violence, of Greek against Persian and Greek against Greek. Aeschylus fought at Marathon and Salamis, Socrates at Delium, Demosthenes at Chaeronea. Aristotle tutored the future conqueror of the world, Alexander, who himself spread Greek culture as far as the Indus River. It is simply a waste of time to try and separate those who begat Western Civilization and those who used violence to promote it. Sometimes they were one and the same.

    The Romans were likewise. Cicero served in the army. Caesar was a superb Latin stylist and man of letters. Horace served with Brutus at Philippi (42 BC). Virgil idealized Roman power, and both he and Maecenas were friends of Augustus. Suetonius and Pliny the Younger served under the Emperor Trajan. The emperors Hadrian and Aurelius wrote poetry. The Emperor Constantine legalized the spread of Christianity and so begat yet another facet of the spread of Western Civilization.

    The Middle Ages also relied upon men of violence and men of books. Boethius worked for Theodoric the Great (520 AD). Justinian (r. 527 – 565) revised the entire Roman law code. Charlemagne built schools, began the first European Renaissance and himself spoke several languages. An entire style of troubadour poetry and epic literature, including The Song of Roland, flowed from the wars of Christian against Moslem in Spain.

    The Renaissance was a time of great violence and high culture. Leonardo designed military machines. Michelangelo worked for that most militaristic of popes, Julius II. The ruthless Medici were great patrons of the arts. Dante fought at the battle of Campaldino (1289). Machiavelli undertook both diplomatic and military missions. Cervantes was with the Christian fleet at Lepanto (1571). Cortéz was a writer, and one of his soldiers was Bernal Diaz de Castillo who became a historian of the Conquest.

    Many of the great Christian men of the day were not exactly shrinking violets either. The Jesuits were founded by Ignatius Loyola, who was a soldier. The gentle Francis of Assisi was a troubadour poet and mercenary. Aquinas formulated the Christian concept of ‘Just War.’ Las Casas was a historian of the Indies. Martin Luther relied upon the pikes of Protestant kings to spread his new faith.

    I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Western Civilization has always depended upon bayonets. Take away the bayonets and the culture they supported will crumble, and rather rapidly.

    If our (your) society were to begin to crumble who will defend what remains of Western Civilization? Will you step up to the plate or will you be like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and others like them?

    I think you already know the answer. People like them will be swept away and forgotten. The people that will be remembered are those of Yorktown, of New Orleans, of Chapultepec, of Gettysburg, of San Juan Hill, of Saint-Mihiel, of Guadalcanal, of the Ardennes, of the Chosin River, of Tet, of Desert Storm, of Fallujah.

    Enjoy your freedom.

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