Ethernet Cables Attack

Ethernet Cables Attack

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    so colorfAAAAAARRGHH

    i only have blue and grey ones 🙁


    discrimination against the yellow crossover!!!!


    Heh. All the crossover cables in our lab used to be purple. Which of course invited all sorts of “heh heh, crossovers are gay!” jokes from those amongst us with more refined senses of humour. On the upside, that helped me remember when to use a crossover, since I was always forgetting.

    Crossovers are gay, so they like to be plugged into devices of the same type. Straight-through cables, being straight, prefer to be stuck into devices of a different type.

    If you think that’s bad, you should hear how I remember the difference between external and internal fragmentation. :O

    Billy Manic

    Yea, yea, we’re ethernet cables, bitch.


    I couldn’t help but remember the IBM commercial with the huge Ethernet cable ball.

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