quentin tarantino – green and black

quentin tarantino - green and black

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    Definitely a better director than Lucas


    Why the comparison? Something going on between those two?


    My hero.


    Some of his films are ok but I’d really rather not LOOK at him (or listen to him). ugh


    I was working as a bouncer in a club in Austin Texas when he came in one night. He seemed real quiet, pretty friendly to the very few people who actually noticed and recognized him. Just a pretty OK guy. I never did figure out who the woman he had with him was.


    Zipfer, they both have caught the imaginations and wallets of Americans and get to do whatever they want in film, yet their talent as directors is always berated. People say Tarantino steals too much and his movies are full of mistakes. Lucas, for creating an entire Universe, can’t unfold a story very well and can’t coach an actor to save his life. He also alienated half his fanbase by remaking his classic movies.

    I say Tarantino is the better director, because he preserves what we love about movies, instead of poorly reinventing them.




    Dead nigger storage.


    both are responsible for creating some of the best film ever. But there will always be internet-retards thinking they could have done better.


    Dyna-Mole; your explanation for Zipfer was quite good.

    How does having a considered opinion make one retarded?

    Mr Tarantino is VERY good at viewing thousands of examples of how to communicate an idea, filtering them through a pretty accurate everyman filter for what makes them work, and then creatively mixing the pieces around to make unique stories and the type of movies he’d like to go see himself as that everyman. I don’t recall him taking full credit for what he’s seen others do.

    Mr. Lucas had a director’s shingle, a good story idea, and opportunity; but MANY, MANY people brought the original Star Wars to life. Lucas made a framework; the rest was an incredible coming together of the right people, with the right pieces, at the right time.

    His exhibiting an “It’s mine, and I can do what I want with it” perspective/defense was his undoing in my eyes. After the first three movies had become legend and he was able to exercise COMPLETE, unquestionable power, what does he do…? Diminish them with his re-invisioning, and then direct three flat movies that considerably weakened the franchise.

    I am in no way knocking the incredible structure he put together for Star Wars and ILM; but it’s laughable to think anyone could do it all on their own, or should get full credit. (Han shot first!)


    jediadept: you sound remarkeably like a friend of mine in real life. do you drive a blue honda? we’ll start there.


    I don’t believe that I have connections with a blue Honda; neither am I all that convinced that I’m very well attached to “real life” lol


    “Pulp Fiction” was the first movie in years, maybe even a decade, that caught me off guard. I was completely in it’s grip for the whole movie and had no clue what was coming next. How may movies can you say that about? I judge most movies on how often I look at my watch while watching it.
    I ended up watching it as a fluke. My friend and I went to a club, got bored and said “Fuck it, let’s go see a movie”. “Pulp Fiction” and Tarenetino are single-handedly responsible for getting me back into the movie theaters.



    Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill 1 were pretty cool.

    Everything else he’s done – INCLUDING Resevoir Dogs – was so-so at best.

    His contribution to the Grindhouse project was total ass – I can’t even remember what the movie is called. If you chopped off the first 2/3s of the movie and just watched the car chase part, then the movie is watchable. The talky shit at the beginning made me want to put my head through a wall…There’s no substance there. Who gives a shit? The car chase was at least interesting.


    Chaingunner: That was the best car chase i’ve ever seen! Impeccable. Made the movie – which was called Death Proof

    purple banana

    For some reason, I find this man undeniably sexy… I saw him on Conan once in his earlier days, and he was (and still is) so full of energy and excitement, it seems like he’d be an awesome person to hang out with. He was genuinely interested in what people had to say. That’s rare, especially with filmmakers in his genres.


    OVERATED actor, DECENT director.
    He should just direct and STFU!


    @nyokki: given that you were clubbing during Pulp Fictions theatrical tenure, I deduce that you are at least 35.


    Add a decade and you’re spot on.


    @nyokki: hot mama, gonna bend me over and rock my world. if you’re ever in Seattle, I will be your fair maiden.


    Tarantino’s an overrated wanker.

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