Emma Caulfield in black

Emma Caulfield in black

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    Shopped. Blanket looks too much like bunnies for her to be near it.


    You sir WIN!!

    you made me laugh on an internet of hopelessness and for that I thank you


    @ kero

    That is not shopped. I have a copy of that FHM magazine. Think b4 you speak dumb fuck.


    I think he was trying to make a joke. She’s a vegan, IIRC.


    Not getting a joke and then responding angrily makes you look like a fool, Drew.


    HAHA DREW WAS MADE TO LOOK A FAGGOT ON THE INTERNET BY TRYING TO POINT OUT THE FAGGOTRY OF KERO’S EXCELLENT JOKE. Irony. On a serious note, vegans and their lifestyle don’t make sense to me. Don’t eat animals, cuz they’re alive, grow, age, reproduce and die. Well, last time I checked, plants are also living being that grow, age, reproduce, and die. And I’ve never seen a healthy-looking vegan. They’re all stick thin and sickly looking. Anytime I go out to dinner with a vegan friend of mine, I order three steaks. One for me, one to cover her… Read more »


    That is so funny, yet so fucked up at the same time.


    Heheh, good one. I may steal that idea.



    look at the guys from the band Rise Against, they are vegan and they look pretty healthy.


    I know I’ve come across vegans who are fat. I’ve actually heard some of them say, “I’m fat because I’m trying to prove that you can be a fat vegan.” These people amuse me.

    I’m a bit chunky, myself.


    Drew: Aside from the whole not getting the joke issue, you do realize that Photoshop has this really handy little button called “Print”, right?

    Also, the bunnies joke is funny for entirely different reasons than culinary preferences.


    To go along with what DemolitionsGeek does when eating with a vegan, is this kick ass t-shirt, which I am going to buy.


    AgZed is the only one who i think got the bunnies joke for the non-culinary reason. +3 internets if you actually got what i was thinking.


    I had assumed it was an Anya reference.


    I got the bunnies joke, there’s coffee on my keyboard now.


    I didn’t get the culinary reason. I’ve watched so much Buffy that I couldn’t figure what the hell else it *could* be, but an Anya ref.