Iranian Missile Photo Faked!

FakeIranmissiles.jpg (58 KB)

True story, only slightly exaggerated here.

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    I predict that many missiles in Iran, but going the other way, in the near future. Nuke != toys and Israel != amused


    shooped. I can feel it.


    We need to nuke those bastards.


    What exactly have they done to us to deserve being attacked?

    (incoming 30+ warmongering posts)


    MikeBabaguh: Do you believe Iran with nukes is a good thing?


    They don’t have nukes.

    Yes, I know they are developing them, but why can’t we try diplomacy first before attacking them?

    Also, if they ever do get a nuke or even close to developing them, Israel will go after them first, so again, why should we attack Iran?


    “Why should we attack Iran?”

    Ummm, I would like cheaper gas. And you can’t present reason to people that don’t want to hear it. They are closed minded, they have their opinion made up about Americans and no diplomacy will ever change their paradigm. If you really buy into all that “we can talk it out” BS I’ve got some great business opportunities for you!


    Please don’t tell me you think attacking Iran will lead to cheaper gas…



    Could you not read the sarcasm in that statement? I do, however, think that anyone who thinks diplomacy will work and change their mindset is ignorant. Some people are rational some are not. They are not. You peace and love mentality will die off when you realize it is all just a pipe dream.


    Effectively communicating sarcasm involves facial expressions and tones of voice, neither of which can be found in a place such as this.

    Also, how do we know diplomacy will fail until we have tried it?

    I don’t have a “peace and love” mentality, I simply fail to see why so many these days are itchy for war long before they should be.

    Patience is a virtue. You may get your war soon enough.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Some people are rational some are not.”
    Are you?
    “I do, however, think that anyone who thinks diplomacy will work and change their mindset is ignorant.”
    Is this a rational belief or are you just as violent and irrational as they are?

    The Dude

    You guys do realize wiping Iran off the planet would do us no good as far as gas prices.

    And for the non believers the Iran president is a CIA Black Op put in that position, its all a big chess game.


    My two cents is that even if you’re absolutely convinced that talking, or any other diplomatic means won’t work, you should still give it your bets shot before you resort to more violent methods.


    > And you can’t present reason to people
    > that don’t want to hear it. They are
    > closed minded, they have their opinion
    > made up … and no diplomacy
    > will ever change their paradigm

    Sounds much like Americans.


    Nice generalization, Solitary.


    IT is amazing to me how little people who complain about “war” & a lack of diplomacy know about what happens in the world. Do you no read the news? Watch it on T.V., or o the drudge report?. You could even mix it with your daily porn intake at the

    Now: The EU has requested to be in charge of diplomatic talks with Iran for a number of reasons which I shall not discuss. America has very diplomatically allowed them do be in charge of talking with Iran about their nuclear issues.

    So please check out

    For more information on how stunning (sarcasm) diplomacy is working.

    & for the record. Even the least reasonable person is willing to be diplomatic if he knows that if he does not talk; you are willing to kill him. War is not separate from diplomacy; it is just the next step.

    Solitary you are amazingly ignorant, stupid, or both. No country in the world bends over backwards for diplomacy like these United States of America


    Who is “they”? We wouldn’t not talking to the whole country. Our diplomats would be talking to their diplomats. We want things; they want things; we try to work it out. It may not stop either side from moving forward…eventually. It will, however, delay the (possibly) inevitable; allow enough time for both sides to behave like they’re rational (even if it’s not actually so). We’ve no clue what’s going on in Iran. We’d believe almost anything about them…except that perhaps, they’re human beings. The more base the insinuation the more likely that people will believe it (on both sides).

    The Lawnmower

    > Nice generalization, Solitary.

    Yeah, calling Americans that is a generalisation. Calling Iranians that is…

    God fucking damn. You’re all a bunch of ignorant fuck-wits.

    I wouldn’t care if you weren’t a bunch of filthy warmongers as well.


    Who gives a shit? Debating politics is pointless. Whoever has made up their mind has made up their mind and is most likely to stubborn to look at anyone elses opinion with an open-mind.


    You know, whenever people start talking about Iran, I’m reminded of my friend Reeza (sp). He was my roommate for a little over a year before I moved to be closer to work. He was Iranian, a former tank commander, in fact. But he was in the regular Iranian army, which has no Western counterpart, but he, as the commander of a half-dozen tanks, was paid less than a private in the elite guard.

    We happened to be sharing a house when the US invaded Iraq, and I remember sitting with him watching news of the invasion on the BBC. I remember being with him when they first showed the now-famous footage of the Saddam statue being pulled to the ground. I was surprised, to say the least, at his reaction. He leapt from his chair, fist held triumphantly in the air and shouted, “YES! Now, on to Tehran!”

    I was a bit confused. I’d never seen anyone advocating the invasion of their own homeland before. I asked him, wouldn’t many of his friends, still in the Iranian regular forces, die if the US were to invade. “Yes,” he told me. “And it is a sadness. But it is for the good.”


    Iran with nukes doesn’t change anything.
    The US have nukes! It’s a worst case scenario already!

    A state founded by puritans who’re still being honoured and worshiped by it’s modern inhabitants! PURITANISM! “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy”!

    How the fuck could we let THEM get nuclear capabilities!?


    All I has to say is…




    Um hey guys… iran =/= iraq. One has an ‘n’ and another has a ‘q’ get it straight.


    “Some people are rational some are not. They are not.”
    Yes, Iran’s 70m citizens are nothing but savages. They can’t be trusted with the same power as our obviously intellectually superior commander-in-chief. We should just bomb the lot of them. Cleanse the planet of their foul scourge.


    I love how people call ALL Iranians savages but then call for their extermination. HEIL BUSH!


    LOL@pic….Israel better get some umbrellas….LOL!


    i totally rofl’d


    also, america has hella nukes.

    hell, we invented the fuckers

    and then we get all pissy when someone else has them, so much as to start preemptive wars on the mere suspicion (read: lies & fabricated evidence) that other countries have a nuke program.

    it’s all so fucking stupid


    A little story about overthrowing a democratically elected government, in the interest of England screwing Iran out of their own oil reserves.

    I wonder why they don’t like us?


    It’s ridiculous to say that once a mind is made up…it’s made up. New facts, time and gained knowledge are all ways in which my mind has changed on any given subject. Living in NYC, I was pro gun control. Now in WV, not so much. 10 years ago, definitely against any kind of National Health Care, now…not so much. You get the idea. I know that I never have all the facts and am willing to change my mind if new facts become known or someone makes a good argument that I hadn’t thought of myself.

    The Lawnmower

    Unfortunately nyokki, the internet (and life) is full of people who refuse to listen to reason.

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