Simpsons – Sopranos Rip Off

Simpsons - Sopranos Rip Off


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    Oh hell, so serious.

    bright green

    Saw the Simpsons the other night, it failed at trying to be Family Guy.


    bright green

    If failed because Family Guy sucks. Only funny if you are either really high or retarded.


    Family Guy does not suck – I find it humorous on a regular basis. I’ve never gotten high – ever – and I have a master’s, so I’m reasonably certain I’m not retarded.


    Drew, you do know that Family Guy was made by the same producers as The Simpsons/Futurama before Family Guy even piloted? Asshole.


    the only time I watch family guys is when I’m really high. Lets tell a story by cutting to a flashback or flashforward 10 times in 30 minutes. Sounds like “great” writing to me! Family Guy sucks, Simpson’s is OK (after 20 years) Futurama is the BEST



    I’ve never heard anything like that before. You need to reference your shit fag or else it just internet rumor. Prove it. Cockface01


    Wow, a quick look at all relating wiki articles (seth mcfarlane, matt groening, the Simpsons, the Family Guy) revealed NO cross-references from those shows ever having anything to do with each other. Your shit is wrong!

    The Family Guy had to live up to the hype of the very popular Simpsons and Futurama, but ultimately failed. TWICE! Only strong DVD sales caused Fox to bring it back onto the air. And the only reason Fox did that was b/c News Corp is trying to achieve global domination in all things media and need all the money they can get…


    @Gunface: Do you realize that Producers just hire non-creative people (gaffers, moving companies) and organize finance? Basically they are accountants?

    I’m going to try at some Family Guy humour here: GARY COLEMAN LARRY DARRYL AND DARRYL NANCY REAGAN A-HA MTV SMURFS


    I, um.. I really enjoyed The Sopranos.

    Actually, watching Goodfellas and spotting all the cast is a good laugh.


    Goodfellas is the best mafia movie ever, Casino is probably the second best…however, I never got into the Sopranos b/c I didn’t have HBO when the show was all the rage…the movie came out almost 10 years before the Sopranos and had some major players in it…who were some of the poeople in the tv show that were in the movie? couldn’t be that many right?


    Oh hell, there were tonnes!

    Lorraine Bracco, Michael Imperioli, Frank Adonis, Tobin Bell, Frank Albanese, Tony Darrow, Chuck Low, Tony Sirico, Frank Vincent, Anthony Alessandro.. etc.

    I’m not even kidding. And, hey, what happened to The Godfather? 😛


    My favorite mafia movie is Mafia!


    hmmm, the Godfather, I don’t know, yeah sure its a “mafia” movie but it was on a much different scale, it came way before the tone set by the mob movies during the late 80s, early 90s. Take the Bronx Tale, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas & Casino (dare i even say Mobsters & The Untouchables (i know they too were period films, but done a little differently)) and what you get is a “fresh” current tale of the italian-american lifestyle.

    I would say the Godfather is more like an “epic classic” that depicts fairly reasonably what an Italian family had to go through to get a piece of the pie. In the modern day films, they already had the pie, they were just trying to get more!! And to hell with how many bullets and blood it took to get it.

    : i thought it was maf-IIIYAAAA?


    Family Guy is funny, but when it fails it FAILS and will so for like 30 second stretches. Just don’t call it brilliant or say it’s the best show ever. or funniest.

    Futurama FTW!


    but family guy is a fox thing and malcolm in the middle and american dad. and all of those series look like “the simpsons” to me just a lilltle more current every time.

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