Angelina Jolie – Sky Captain

Angelina Jolie - Sky Captain

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    I never even considered watching that movie… Not even on acid (a state of mind which all movies rock.)

    Anyone ever actually watch that POS?


    if you never watched it, why do you think it sucked?

    i thought the effects were nice, but the story a little slow.

    but at least i watched it before i formed my opinion

    bright green

    Got the dvd, its alright nothing spectacular.


    I think it sucked because I saw the previews. It’s naive to think people won’t form an opinion about a movie before actually watching it.

    Although I’m not stubborn enough to say I would never watched it, I asked if anyone had really seen it. If the posts were favorable I might have actually given it a chance… but based off both your mediocre responses, I’m glad I trusted my initial opinion and didn’t waste my time.

    tiki god

    I saw it.

    I regretted the wasted time, cause I could have drinking.


    I saw it, liked the beginning of it and the potential it had. Then once they left New York, it just ripped itself apart in stupidity and effects.

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