warhammer ghost

warhammer ghost

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    Dreadnought, unless I`m not getting something…


    yeah, I second that. The only thing it could be otherwise is a Hellfire Dreadnought but fairly sure its the vanilla version.

    No idea where the “Ghost” part of the title came from tho.


    This is a screencap from the CGI intro to Dawn of War. This Dreadnought dies to a satchel charge in the video so… maybe by seeing it we are looking at it’s ghost.

    But given Tiki’s track record on labeling Warhammer shit incorrectly, its more than likely he got this confused with another game/universe.

    If anyone wants to watch this badass video by the way:


    no, dreadnaughts are the ghosts of veterans preserved into machines of war to continue service to the Emporer. At least that’s what the story was in 2nd edition rules.


    I was under the impression that it was fatally wounded soldiers, kept alive within a giant robotic shell, allowing them to continue fighting the enemies of the glorious god Emperor of Mankind.

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