ak-47 machine gun

ak-47 machine gun

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    Surely you mean “assault rifle?”


    I think he means airsoft

    tiki god

    no no, I mean machine gun. as in, it’s a machine gun.


    No, see the orange tip? that’s airshit.

    Even if it WAS a real AK, it’d still be an assault rifle, not a true machine gun.


    why’s it got to be “assault” rifle anyway? why not “offense” rifle or “defense” rifle, or the more accurate “automatic” or “semi-automatic” rifle? Oh wait a minute, “assault” rifle makes it sound so much more sinister….

    but yeah, this is an “airsoft” rifle, which sounds harmless…until you shoot your eye out


    I’d like the real AK better if it was all metal instead of metal/wood.


    Wouldn’t that defeat the entire purpose of it then? The AK excels because it’s so cheap and easy to make. I would imagine it being partially constructed of wood has a lot to do with that.

    tiki god

    my ak is all metal. doesn’t make it any less real.

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