kick a bear in the balls

kick a bear in the balls

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    Something tells me that that bear would knock you into the ground and bite your head off before you got a chance to plant a boot in its crotch. I could be wrong, cause I never fought a bear before (and don’t really want to).


    Its my understanding that bears roar first, kind of like a “Hey guy!! Show me your bigger or I’ll know I can eat you!!”

    So, maybe you’d get the nutplant, but you sure wouldn’t be around much after that.


    Even if you got the chance to kick a bear in the balls, could you? Do critters that walk on 4 legs have their balls where you can kick ’em if they’re standing up?


    I’m pretty sure it would be easier. Go look at a dog. Bears have the ability to stand and walk some distance on two legs, so their testicles should be properly adapted for this.


    Well, this kids about to find out whether he aimed his foot right or not. If he gets savagely ripped apart, he missed, can’t begin to describe what a pissed off bear with an aching nut-sack would do to him.


    RSIxidor is spot on. With his first post.

    I don’t know about Grizzlies – they’re pretty rare even out here where they supposedly thrive – but if you ever see a black bear back away slowly, don’t make eye contact, and as soon as the bear realizes you’re not approaching it will fuck off. They’re pretty big and noisy, so you’ll usually see them from a distance. Or at least that was my experience, and the experience of every one else I’ve known who’s seen a bear.

    Since I’ve lived in the mountains I’ve heard of one person getting killed by a bear, and she was riding her bike with her iPod on in some backwoods trail and the bear thought she was attacking.

    But of course this is a humorous image, isn’t it?


    please, its totally possible. John West does this crap daily to bring us some great salmon.


    I do a lot of back country hikes. I’m doing my 4th at Yellowstone this year. Here is the best bear video I’ve found on YOUTUBE:

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