concealed carry could save lives

concealed carry could save lives


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    there’s actually a new trend of open carry – let people see who’s walking around armed, and they might even be less inclined to cause trouble.

    The most intriguing part of ‘bowling for columbine’, to me, was discovering other armed countries don’t have our problems with violence. Clearly, guns are not the root of the issue.


    If it isn’t one weapon, it’s another.

    Knife crime in England (“disarmed”)

    Also saw this on the news over the weekend.


    And I COULD have won a shit-ton of money if I had bet on the Giants to win the Superbowl!




    Could have saved 32 lives… or could have caused a crossfire that would have killed even more? Or would have given other students one less obstacle from going on a rampage?

    The gun nuts don’t ever seem to realize that if that psycho had had more difficult access to guns, he might not have been able to pull off the rampage. Not to mention the utter failure of the school itself in adequately dealing with the plethora of warning signs he gave off before the actual shooting.


    Crazy, go shot ur mom


    but will making guns illegal make access to guns really difficult, just like illegal drugs are sooo hard to come by?

    Assault weapons, armor piercing rounds… that’s a little extreme for my tastes, even if people argue that the purpose of the second amendment is to enable the citizenry to overthrow a tyrannical government. But pistols, shotguns and the like? Its hard for me to justify making them illegal.

    If you can create a magic button that makes EVERY gun owned by ordinary folk disappear at the same time, I’ll support that. But making guns illegal does not make them go away.


    Trust me deuce, if he didn’t buy the gun legitimately, he could’ve gotten it illegally really easily. One of my friends bought a shotgun, and two handguns illegally. From what he’s told me, they’re very easy to get if you know the right people. The fact is, people are stupid, which is why the go on rampages, you can’t take away everyone’s guns but something definitely needs to be done about the violence.


    guns don’t kill people… people kill people… with guns.


    People also kill people with knives, bats, shovels, crowbars, pipes, fucking guitar strings, or anything heavy enough to do damage. But we’re not banning those objects. Are we? Find some new arguments that haven’t been refuted 1,000,000 times please.


    A three-fer!

    Way to exploit a tragedy, skullfuck the dead, and further your single-issue political agenda.

    You stay classy, gun nuts!

    tiki god

    From what he’s told me, they’re very easy to get if you know the right people.

    here in Florida, you can buy and sell as one private citizen to another without any kind of legal hassle. Hell, you can go to the local gun shows and buy and sell without background checks too.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Bowling for Columbine was a crock of shit.

    Toronto has record setting gun crime every year. Now they’ve put a strict ban on hand guns as the solution. Everyone laughed at our buck toothed joke of a mayor for that one.

    Now that guns are 100% illegal here…I could still have one in my hand in an hour. VIN filed and everything. 300-600$ depending on the make. I live in one of the best areas in the city too so its not like I’m some connected criminal.

    I would be more comfortable with being allowed to walk around carrying one. At the very least I’d like the right to.

    Less government the better.


    You gun pansies are a bunch of BUFFOONS. You gotta have your guns to make up for your tinee tiny penises. And its because guns are legal that so many criminals have them. IDIOTS. Get over yourselves already.


    Yeah, Bowling for columbine has been pretty widely discredited; I didn’t like the south park-style cartoon they ran right after interviewing Stone & Parker. I just think its funny that his most memorable point (at least to me) contradicts his main argument.

    Gun control doesn’t work, bottom line. Its one of those things that might look good on paper, but the reality of execution makes it total fail.


    That would be why our murder rate here in the UK is so much higher than yours in the US.

    Oh, hang on…


    Although i am not against handguns or hunting rifles, i think there is NO need for assault weapons and the such.
    buttforsoon….Sir you are an idiot through and through. Bowling for Columbine was not a crock of shit…do you judge all things by a single aspect?


    Gun control doesnt work? LOL.


    Guys, if your going to go postal, do it on gangsters. They will probably survive and become rappers anyways. Hopefully not though.


    I’m from the UK, and I find the thought of knowing everyone around you is packing heat is really disturbing one. How the hell are you guys ok with that??!


    Guys, guys, guys….

    Obviously, everybody NOT having a gun is preferable to everyone packing heat. unfortunately, the only 2 options are “almost anyone can have a gun” vs “if you want to play by the rules you can’t have a gun, but everyone else can still easily get one”

    Banning guns to fight crime is similar to conservatives thinking they’ll fix addiction by criminalizing drugs. Everybody gets a nice, warm feeling by putting into law something that supports their brand of idealism but ultimately accomplishes little in the way of reducing crime/addiction or guns/drugs.

    Don’t make me pull out my glock 🙂


    Anyone who votes libral is either an immature teenager or a eurofag. As every mature adult knows two wrongs do make a right.


    PS I’m pretty sure Jesus said that.


    Jesus would shoot the liberals while chugging budweiser.


    Gun control doesn’t work, just like prohibition didn’t work. I agree that handguns are probably not the thing people need to have, they serve little purpose outside of home defense. Personally though, I prefer my shotgun for that, since in the dark, there is no more scary sound than a pump shotgun. I don’t need to aim perfectly, I just need to get close.


    When I was younger I slept with an axe by my bed, thinking that an intruder would be half prepared to see someone with a knife or gun – but a mofo with an axe would scare the shit out of him.


    I also have a sword, nice hand and a half, sharp too.


    “Gun control doesn’t work”
    Works pretty well in the UK.
    We’ve had to resort to stabbing each other with kitchen knives now.
    Still, I reckon the mortality rate is preferable.

    it’s all swings and roundabouts.


    “concealed carry could have saved 32 lives”

    …and the fact that it’s easier to buy a gun than a heavy metal record in large areas of the US means it was made very easy for a known nutjob to take 32 lives.
    If Cho had been armed with a knife a couple of people could have taken him down easily, and 32 people wouldn’t be dead – a simple fact that pro-gun maniacs choose to ignore.


    Anyone for gun control is retarded

    Alec Dalek

    Remember kids: When someone makes an outlandish statement like “VT RULES GUARANTEED DISARMED VICTIMS FOR THE MURDERER!”, you know they don’t actually have a strong case to present, and you should press them to further define their position, so you can make a fool out of them.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, this debate is pointless…the fact of the matter is that gun control does not work. Firearms will always be available regardless of what laws are in effect, do your intellect a favor and the next time you run across an individual convicted of 1st degree murder with a firearm if he or she would have been told “guns are illegal” would that have stopped them from commiting their crime. Those whom make their living violently victimizing others give little or no regard to the legality of their weapons. In regard to the debate of assault weapons vs sporting firearms: I can guarantee you that more people are murdered by knives every year than “assault weapons” in ten years( unless you are looking at the numbers from a 3rd world shit-hole where Kalashikovs cost a little as a Chicken), so obviously they are not a real problem. To the quoting of such skewed inaccurate dribble as “Bowling for Columbine” in a debate, you do little favor to your legitamacy or your intellect by quoting someone whom even the stauchest of liberals is embarrased by. To the comment of law abiding citizens bearing and owning firearms being a compensation for shortcomings in genitalia… the next time someone is brandishing a weapon and has intent on visiting ill-will upon you whip out your dick and see if that gets you out of the dangerous situation. Well I think I’ve made my point and I’ll burden you all with no more of my opinion except to say be armed or be a sheep.

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