wolverine ripped in two

wolverine ripped in two

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    This is from ultimate wolverine vs hulk, which has gone unfinished for well over a year.


    there can be only one…teehee


    Wow, I knew Wolverine had crazy regenerative abilities…but surviving being ripped in half? Really?

    I kind of hate how superheroes(Hulk included, too) just arbitrarily turn into practically invincible demigods.


    So, if Wolverine gets torn in half, does he have to combine the two halves? Cause, if he regenerated his lower body, it wouldnt be covered in the special metal, right? (my knowledge is limited to the X-Men movies)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think he has to connect the halves. That’s why he’s climbing up.

    And no he wouldn’t be metal. He just heals. Only his bones are fused with metal.


    So… if you ripped off his arms and threw them in the ocean, he would be pretty fucked…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I guess so.

    But from how he’s supposed to be his skeleton doesn’t come apart. This is sort of a strange idea posited. I’m pretty sure the whole thing is he can’t be torn apart…I dunno. I haven’t read comics in a loooong time but when I did it was all X-Men.


    See this is an awkward position. Technically he isn’t supposed to be able to be torn apart like this… Adamantium skeleton and all that… But then again since the hulk seems to have taken on godlike strength recently, I suppose it’s par for the course.

    I still think it ridiculously cool that Wolvie can survive such massive trauma, and should he find his legs, will be able to reattach them. There’s only one small problem. Since his skeleton is pretty much made of adamantium, how it it gonna mend?

    Billy Manic

    Fuck you that’s how.

    Insanely Rational

    The back isn’t *A* bone, but a collection of bones held together by soft tissue. So even if any given vertebrae in Wolverine’s back is unbreakable, the tissue that holds them together isn’t. So Wolverine can indeed be torn in half by someone with enough strength to break his tissues.


    Wolverine is awesome.


    But hulk is not.


    Insanely Rational is right. If the tendons, muscles, joints and other tissues that hold him together were made of metal, he wouldn’t be able to move. So we must assume they aren’t metal, and therefore he can be torn apart.


    I really like Leinil Francis Yu’s art style.

    Someone mind explaining why this Hulk is wearing what he’s wearing? I understand there are versions of the hulk wearing armor and such, but no one ever told me why.



    This is from the ultimate line, which is essentially a reboot of all the characters.

    Since the series is unfinished, there’s still a lot left unanswered, but here is my best guess/summary:

    Banner flees to nepal to learn from buddhist monks how to control his anger. This results not in getting rid of the hulk, but a calmer, more logical hulk. Hulk proceeds to take over the area – there’s one page where he has a harem of about 20 semi-naked girls crawling all over him as he sits on a throne. The armor is probably part of his regal garb.


    Insanely Rational lives up to the namesake. His bones are fused with adamantium, but not 100% coated. that would kill him as his bone marrow couldn’t give him new blood.
    even if the adamantium pieces were fused together, Hulk could probably break it if his pussy hurt bad enough. I wish Thor would kill the Hulk just for being the color of boogers.


    Marvel reaches new heights in retardedness.


    boys are so fucking cute sometimes.


    i’ll show you retardedness


    I guess that makes sense. So none of his bones are actually broken, he’s just been torn apart at one of the cartilaginous junctions of his spinal vertebrae…

    Cool. My faith in the universe has been restored.

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