lazy dog walker

lazy dog walker

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    that’s the reason we hate americans!!


    a picture of someone being a douche and you sudden despise every man, woman, and child in the states?

    Is it a reason to revile modern society, and how it changes people? Indeed. Is it a reason to be a douche yourself? hardly.


    “poor little guy… he probably kept up for a mile or two…”


    Maybe he was out jogging w/ his dog one day and BAM! he gets hit in the back by a wayward frisbee. After months in the hospital and rehab, he can finally go home but he’s paralyzed from his balls down. What’s he to do? Get rid of the dog because he can’t walk him anymore? I say NO! He loves his dog, but he still has to walk him. Being the ingenious American that he is; he came up w/ this idea. We should be singing hymns to this brave man. Shame on you, shame on you all.


    *hangs head in shame*


    the dog is happy. the dog is getting walked. better than fat ass sitting on couch and not walking dog at all.


    and if you hate Americans, stay the fuck off our websites!


    the only reasonable excuse would be if the dog had excessive gas problems, and the vet was just up the block.


    lololololol what the fuck are you on about hellb0y? I noticed your blog is in Brazilianish Portuguese so I’m going to assume your daily diet is beans in pig fat, pizza roles and ice cream, and since you’re rich enough to have internet I’m gonna assume your daily exercise largely consists of watching TV and being inside a lot.

    There are a heap of reasons to hate America but this is some pot-calling-kettlage dude


    i just read a story like this yesterday on fark. a guy was walking his dog from his car just like that… except he was doing 45mph and got arrested.


    Also, Nimbo, everything said by everyone on the internet is meant to be taken 100% literally in the strictest sense of literalness. For example if I say “You reap what you sow” I seriously am fucking talking about fucking wheat and if a puppy melts your heart is better be with a fucking blowtorch.


    hey… I dont’t hate americans, not all of them, in fact I am an american two…from the south… very, very south!!! I mean…realy south!!
    I already stumbled this pic as a motivational…and it saids “The reason we hate americans”…nimbo…relax!


    And here I thought they hated us for our freedoms…


    I like the idea of motorizing take your dog for a walk…


    미국 사람은 돼지야!


    i wish i had thought of that


    Brazilians are cock sucking fags.

    Wait. Fuck I’m Brazilian.

    Puta que pariu. Fudeu agora, vo ter que me mudar pros Estados Unidos!. OH WAIT I’M HERE ALREADY LOL BITE ME!


    wait… thrella… if you a brazilian, it means both of us are cocking sucking fags, and all americans… nope…I won’t gonna buy this fight!!
    Unfortunately, we can’t take dogs for walk with cars…because, we don’t have cars in jungle, and we don’t have dogs…but monkeys… damn… I think I will think a way for taking my monkeys out for a poo!! please, help me with you freedom!!


    Are we hardly surprised it’s an American?

    teezy weezy

    More proof that America gives us the fat, inbred morons of this world.
    God bless America


    America FTW


    Since I don’t recognize the plates I guess I have to go with “that’s the reason every body hates people who drive mitsubishis”

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