Fox News On The Attack

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    Holy crap did they really do that? That’s ridiculously low-class.


    Yeah, they apparently did. I don’t know why I’m still surprised by anything Faux News does.


    FOX News (cough cough) always seems to be defending itself. Not just a pundit here and there, but every single daily show spends a significant amount of their allotted time to defending itself from the “attack dogs” of other media.


    As if DailyKKKos is any more unbiased and not slanted than Faux News.



    For one, holding a public website where damn near anyone can post to the same ethical standards as network news is laughable.

    Second: I don’t remember DailyKos ever marketing themselves as, say, “fair and balanced”.

    Third: yet somehow, despite these facts, they still don’t stoop to doctoring photographs.

    C’mon, diabeetus… tie Bill Clinton into your narrative somehow – you know you want to.


    Who gives a shit really? I mean look at fucking MSNBC or CNN. They’re biased too, it’s just that because they’re slanted left means it’s alright. Fox is obviously slanted towards the right. Every media is biased one way or another so watch what you want but don’t bitch at one network for being biased towards a position you disagree with.


    dude, they doctored pictures. you can’t really defend that.

    Furthermore, check out some of the sites that point out dishonesty in reporting – they rip CNN & MSNBC new ones as well.

    But I get it – they’re skewing for FREEDOM.


    Having a slant is one thing, tipping over and drinking the kool-aid is another.


    Couldn’t it be possible that the above picture is a shopped screenshot in order to discredit fox? I mean a lot of people hate fox news and well, the left wing has this way of stooping really low to get their point across. I mean yeah, it is possible that fox news actually did this, it’s just that if this was real other news companies would be frothing at the mouth so they can point out that a rival news company forges and alters photos/stories. You can’t really trust news corporations period and you can not trust the people who mindlessly follow and worship them and whatever agenda is on the skillet that day.



    indeed, it is a vast left-wing conspiracy. Fox News is an innocent victim.


    Lotus, if you poke around you’ll find the video where it was shown. They would have had to shop the whole video.


    FOX altered two pictures; the second one is not shown here.

    Can’t believe some of you guys are actually defending FOX News.



    MikeBabaguh, when you stop defending fox news the terrists have won.


    Couldn’t it be possible that Fox News is showing the REAL pictures of these people, and the liberal media has been using altered pictures to appear more photogenic?

    I mean, the liberal media will stop at nothing until we’re all homosexuals who occasionally dabble in straight sex just so we can get abortions.


    I have to say, Fox News is the best comedy on TV right now. The only problem is, they don’t understand why people are laughing at them.


    God, those aren’t even good shoops.


    a news organization promoting “Fair and Balanced Reporting” is like a restaurant promoting,
    “Thoroughly Cooked Food!” NO SHIT?! That’s the very least we expect of you.

    is the attack dog’s name Gromit? amirite?


    Holy shit I was thinking the exact same thing. I wasn’t going to say anything though because I didn’t think anyone would get the refrence.


    a shame there isn’t as many here as thoroughly saturated in fine culture as yourself, my good man.


    I actually saw the show where they did this. It was on their morning show or whatever, and I stopped channel surfing because I saw that weird, shopped pic of the guy.

    Naturally, it piqued my interest. From what I remember, the guy is apparently some other editor/reporter who works for another news network(I want to say the NY Times, but I can’t remember exactly). Anyway, he recently criticized Fox News about something, so Fox retaliated by saying the guy was only “attacking” them because he has an axe to grind due to the fact Fox News apparently fired the guy a few years ago when he used to work for them. This, somehow, lead to them to taking the 4chan approach to defending themself.


    I got it!
    **Waits for hug**


    yellowed teeth FTW

    The Lawnmower

    It always annoys when people the media has a left-wing bias. It also annoys when people talk about talk about the left-wing in American politics, or refer to the Democratic party as being ‘left-wing’. There is no left-wing in American politics (that is at all prominent or significant).

    Sure, they’re left of the Republicans, but that by no means makes them left-wing.

    The centre of American politics is no where near the centre of the political spectrum.

    Capitalism is right-wing. Corporations are about as right-wing as you can get.

    CNN and NBC are corporations; they are right-wing by definition.



    Thank you for being rational and respectful in your response to me.

    chris hates freedom.

    Fuck you, I never said it was a leftist conspiracy or anything in that rediculous and false second post that you made to mock me. And for the record i am not some paranoid right winger like you seem to think i am. I am an independent who is fucking disgusted of people like you who butcher and lampoon the words of others to get a point across or because the person disagrees with them on some stupid fucking issue. Speak to me when you can actually articulate a valid and respectful response or something other than ” HAHAH REPUBLICENZ R STOOPID, U R STUPID BECAUSE U SOUND LIKE A REPOOPLICAN!” Until then go back to your dime-a-dozen Edgy political blog where you will no doubt jack off into your face bewildered by your own musings.



    “Couldn’t it be possible that the above picture is a shopped screenshot in order to discredit fox? I mean a lot of people hate fox news and well, the left wing has this way of stooping really low to get their point across”

    Sorry, there must be some other way to interpret those words that I happened to miss. And yes, I tried to use humor/sarcasm, because this isn’t the most sober of environments.

    But really, it was a fairly absurd point to make that fox was the victim. If I say that reverend wright’s infamous sermon was spliced together to frame obama, I’m asking to catch a bit of flak.

    So, how about you look at the tone of my responses, compare them to what you wrote in reply, ad kindly stick your head in the oven? (I’ll wait)

    If you look again, you’ll see that I didn’t attack a person, I addressed your argument – even if I treated it with less than the reverence you apparently expect.


    and the second post after yours was more of a blanket mockery… you just happened to supply the template 🙂

    tiki god

    f I say that reverend wright’s infamous sermon was spliced together to frame obama, I’m asking to catch a bit of flak.

    You must have missed the memo that came out afterwards. That’s exactly what happened. Anyone that’s ever been in a southern bastist church knows exactly how those sermons go.

    Act 1: The preacher’s all hellfire and brimstone telling you how the world is going to hell, and you’re the cause of it.

    Act 2: Judgement day is right around the corner, you will be judged and you will go to hell.

    Act 3: but there’s a loophole! They then tell you how you can avoid this fate, and how you can help the world.

    Fox News, and MSM in general were focusing on acts 1 and 2. When there was a general religious understanding of the material, it was dropped from the public hivemind.


    @chris etc, etc.

    I never explicitly said that fox news was a victim, just that it was possible. Learn to read fucko. Also tone is kinda hard to convey in written conversation. Also that oven trick worked pretty well. i am dead sucking the devils cock and playing with my ding a lang a ding dong. You on the other hand are still a pompous self absorbed fuck who likes to hear himself talk.


    Glad the oven worked out for ya. My apologies if you have an electric oven – I assumed it was a gas one, and would have been a lot less slow and painful. I’m not grasping how saying it was ‘possible’ that fox was the innocent party somehow takes your statement out of the land of the absurd. It’s ‘possible’ McCain feasts on the blood of infants behind closed doors in an effort to prolong his life, but not very likely. And I take offense – I’m clearly a pompous, self-absorbed fuck who likes to read his own type. 🙂

    I was *trying* to throw a bone showing an example for the left acting dumb, but apparently I failed. But, seriously, kids: there are some.

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