Iowa Bridge Vs Houses

Iowa Bridge Vs Houses

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    Look ‘ma ! Weez gots ourselves some free gas in dem tanker tings. WE gonna have ourselves a HO down! YEEE HAAA


    When? and how? what about foundations? did they just crumble our something?


    Mother Earth is getting back at us for fucking her up.


    maybe if we pollute enough mother earth will die and there will be no more natural disaters


    Mother Earth is just fine. We on the other hand may be fucked.


    Bridge has heavy ass train cars… bridge wins.


    It amazing how there have been hundreds of well-documented devastating floods throughout this country in the last 150 years, but only now, because we can instantly see them on our PCs, that these floods are somehow different than all the rest.

    Floods like the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 were almost 250 people died or the The Great Missouri River Flood of 1881 that caused the formation of Lake Manawa. I guess gobal warming caused those too?

    When will you realize we are not special, to many of you think to highly of your influence in this world.

    tiki god

    lol, foundations? you think those buildings had one?


    Gor, you’re level of idiocy astounds me. Sure, the Mississippi has breached her foundations before, oh yeah, plenty of times, but the frequency that it has been as such in the last thirty years is pretty staggering. Also, the amount of crazy arsed Hurricanes. In two years, there were 3 Hurricanes that were past a Cat 3, one a Cat 5, that’s pretty staggering too. So, please, get your head out of your ass.

    Tiki, with a flood, the water rises, it can lift houses straight off the foundations, especially if there is a current, which, there is obviously a current with this flood.

    Somewhere, there is a video with a big old ship having a lift bridge dropped in it. If this interests you, surely the ship getting owned by a drunken bridge operator will.


    Damn Awful you are quick to name call. As for hurricanes we’ve had virtually none the east coast in two years, yet we was told to expect above average, why is that? As for frequency of floods that is only in some areas, other areas have lower amounts, if you were to take an average you would find out that nothing much has changed.

    Also, alot of floods weren’t reported years ago because at one time those flooded areas were not populated and no one really cared, now people are living on these river valleys. People forget that river valleys are there because of past floods, but now people are stupid enough to build McMansions on them.

    So, you need to pull you head out of your ass before you go around attacking someone without cause.

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