Ellen Page

Ellen Page

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    It’s pictures like that which make me thing – mans face with a girls haircut.


    I don’t personally find her attractive at all.


    Well she’s a lesbian, so she doesn’t find you attractive either. Jerk.


    who is she ?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    She’s not a lesbian. duh lol

    She’s an actress from the east coast of Canada who got overly famous for starring in an extremely shitty movie called Juno which got given that ‘indie’ look and marketing despite it being directed by Ivan Reitman’s son, going through multiple rewrites by top brass writers(uncredited of course), and having an elastic budget.

    Basically she’s one lucky little bitch.


    Is really a woman?


    ummm and reason for posting this


    I like Juno, but whatever.

    She’s also been in Hard Candy, and she was Kitty Pride in X3.

    And I thought the jury was still out about her being gay? I stopped keeping up after I watched Juno a few extra times.



    she’s not a lesbian? so all the women she’s dated were lied to?

    tiki god

    She first showed up on my radar when I saw her in X3. she did pretty well with the juggernaut 🙂

    is there a list? I wasn’t aware that anyone had gone public if they dated her, man or woman.


    I remember her from Trailer Park Boys.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    trust me…she’s not gay. No matter what you’ve read somewhere lol.

    I’m thinking only you were lied to.