American Rush Hour

American Rush Hour

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    anyone remembers in GTA ~ GTA 2 the special points when you put cars together and blow them up 😀 this reminds me of it


    Is this Atlanta?


    This is why I ride a motorcycle, no getting caught in traffic jams.

    That, and because cars are civilisation’s cancer. Never had one, never wanted one, not even driven one in 15 years.


    Fuck Rush Hour. Including the movies.


    Ironzombie is correct, this is shopped

    Pretty good, imho, but bogus nevertheless.


    just curious, but why do you guys think it’s shopped? i’ve seen this in L.A. countless times. Looks just like any Friday on the 405 freeway.


    jesus christ this is what i run into after school 3-7pm daily in orange county on the 405. this might be shopped but freeways like this exist daily.


    The BQE, FDR and Belt parkway can be this bad also. This is why I learned all the local streets and access roads around them.


    I don’t know how I ever would have gotten anywhere when I lived in Southern California without lane splitting.


    I first noticed the two white vans in the center (the ones going away with two windows in the rear). After that, if you zoom in, you can see a bunch of repeating patterns.


    I agree with gor and Ironzombie. It’s pretty obvious if you look a little closer.

    Either way, even if it was just 5 lanes instead of 10, it’s still crazy.


    Yeah the second I looked at this the first time my eyes went straight to those vans. There are multiple spots that have been repeated to make it appear there are more vehicles.


    Shopped or not – ride a motorcycle and white-line. Soooo much faster, and fun too. I am just hoping to get killed instead of maimed when a car opens it’s door or changes lanes on my stupid ass.


    Another way you can tell it’s shopped – those cars are way too far apart from each other. At first glance it does look like the 405, but no self-respecting SoCalian would allow that much room between themselves and the car in front of them. Someone could cut in!

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