bush – Terrorist chest bump

bush - Terrorist chest bump

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    If we can just survive a few more months without going to war I think we might just be ok.

    *knocks on wood*


    the hands free space-dock. that’s why he gets to be president.


    classless, again show some fucking dignity!!! Your the president of the United States not some fucking frat house!!! Can you imagine Regan giving a chest bump?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s a lot of awesome right there.

    Regan was more of a hip bump kind of guy. Especially after her regally got shot in the ass.


    Well heres the thing. Im not sure envryone knows about the North American Union. Bush already signed for Canada and Mexico to become 1 countrey with the united states..So sucking it up for a few months is a bad idea…basicly what bush its trying to do its make a world goverment that tracks every perosns move with the tracking v-chip..Please help people realize what is going on…Look Up Zeitgeist on youtube also look at videos about the North American Union And The V-Chip…The Fate Of America Depends On The People And Not Only America But World/Human Race As We Know It

    Tos. The Goverment Its all a inside job and history repeating it self…Life Will Be Over As We Know It





    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ixiunidotixi is a faggert

    Go preach your laughably idiotic bullshit elsewhere.

    American Union I hope.

    tracking v-chip? I’ll just pull that out my nose and then go start the reactor.


    Why Dont You look It Up Dummy And See The Fact For Yourself DumbA$$

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    the facts about you being a retard?

    I just read those facts. You posted them above.

    now fuckoff back under your rock or I’ll shoot you with a ray beam from a satellite.


    just goes to show how stupid some people really are…you are no better then or smarter then bush himself…and save your breath cuz your useless effort to entertain your lamer self by trash talkin online i hope it really made you feel better about yourself…but im all done with your fanasty world…PEACE 🙂

    Otherwise To The Smart People Look It Up On YouTube North American Union…CNN Reports


    Successful troll is successful.


    This thread is relevant to my interests. Lulz. *Massive* Lulz.


    I have a bridge for sale… special price, just for you.


    What is a “fanasty”?

    Oh, I found it here.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Otherwise To The Smart People Look It Up On YouTube North American Union…CNN Reports”

    All truly intelligent people get their political news from youtube. I also learned that bananas are proof that evolution is a lie.



    nice website how bout a goverment what that feeds you more crap about it would you like to read that too…

    you people should of been swallowed at birth


    Who cares. Every Ron Paul-supporting constitution-lover knows we’ve been living under the area 51/antarctica one world government line for years. This “North American” union claptrap is just a crafty way for the liberal media to distract you from finding out the obvious truth.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ixiunidotixi must learn to spell before calling people stupid. It’s THAN not THEN.

    You illiterate little queer.

    Go call Mulder and fuckoff.

    Smart people know that in order to understand politics one must do more than watch a home made shitty little video or click cnn.com

    Go ahead and tell me just how the supposed powers that be will bring about doom by forming a European Union…I mean American Union. The European Union is that one that empowered impoverished countries and lead to Ireland’s new found prosperity. So this American one will lead to sci-fi cybernetic tracking?

    Sure. And the bar code on your welfare check is used to track you cause you’re just so fucking important. *massive LOL


    and you are one of the dumb blind fucks out there at belives in the shit they have been feeding you…the same goverment that said in ww2 that the kids would be safe under there desk if a nuke hit…oh and maybe the duck tape theroy they told you is true too…have fun talkin ur shit so over this


    That desk thing was the Cold War, ixi

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ixi is my fav new loser.

    You are a new level of shitty shitty fag fag.

    Grow up.


    Has anyone mentioned?



    Dubya forgot how to salute properly while he was AWOL. He makes Taft and Harding look like alter boys.


    BUTTfoorson: although that little twerp you’re bashing is an idiot, you are a BIGGER idiot. First learn to spell, second, sounds like you’re the FAG FAG as much as you throw that term around. What happened? did daddy fuck you in the ass when you were a little tyke? And super duper LOL at your grow up comment? The pot calling the kettle black. Only in America.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Hey look somebody attempted to describe projection but was too stupid to know the actual term!

    You are the queen fag for thinking I mean fag as an accusation of homosexuality rather than my much mentioned usual usage as an insult for tolerant people who are in fact anything but.

    You missed so much here I don’t think you could be more off course if you tried.

    So suck my dick you niggerqueer. Hmmm what else could push your buttons? What sensitive words have been drilled into your brain? Chinkano spicback?

    btw: before you fall on your face any further my spelling is perfect. I’m Canadian and we spell things differently (same as the Brits). Anything else you’ll find will be typos. Though you sound like you might be desperate enough for material to rag on a typo.

    I mean you said “little twerp” so you’re either a socially awkward 20 something who watches his language because he thinks he’s supposed to now or you’re over 40 and censor yourself so much around your kids you’ve forgotten how to sound like you have balls.

    Then again you’re handle here is jose so it’s most likely you’re a 5’5″ little meccican who like 99% of meccicans loves the sound of his own comically accented little voice but couldn’t knock out their own grandmother.

    Let’s tongue kiss.

    tiki god

    you’re an idiot if you thought the duck and cover thing was to protect from the immediate bomb.

    how else are you supposed to keep kids from staring out the window and being blinded by the very next blast?


    But Its Cool For Them To See An Animation Of There Teacher Being Drilled In To The Black Board And Everything Around Them Burning To Its Ruins As There Would Be In Hell Or Something Like That. But Also One Thing The Kids Would Have Never Made It To See Another Blast Because It Was All Fear In Being Nuked. They Knew There Would Be No Other Blasts For Them To Witness

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