Alyson Hannigan – Blue Hat

Alyson Hannigan - Blue Hat

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    sorry but that pale skin is soooo ugly but then again its my opinion


    Some think that pale skin is equal to a higher social status; being able to live their life away from toiling under the sun. I think it looks pure and clean.

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    Some say it’s because you are stuck working indoors all the time, while the rich are able to tan because they have free time.


    oh i didnt know that lol, so there like vampires ? well where im from (caribbean) is just sun so im used to dark colors and those are my taste .. so yea


    No one else saw the THO? Om nom nom nom


    how the Fuck does this “thing” have an “Om NOM” and Jessica alba above lacks a comment what so ever….

    Do not want.


    the hat makes her look like blossom. she’s totally nommable, but perhaps less so in this pic.


    86, maybe because Ms. Hannigan is a pure euro-american and Ms. Alba is half wetback?


    Here she is goofy looking – refer back to see through yellow dress photo a few days ago. this photo sez, let’s watch some VH1, maybe that cool new hootie video will be on right after this awesome collective soul video.

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