Steve’s Brother

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    Not at all mate, still very potent images. Hope his brother rests in peace.


    I don’t even know the kid, but my eyes are moist already.


    Oh c’mon, he was asking for it.

    *user was banned because of this post*


    you best be trollin’, diabeetus.

    I usually need more of a backstory for things to bring a tear to my eye, but this is damn moving nonetheless.



    To me, all this article proves is that Obama came to his senses and realized that an “immediate withdrawal” is not only ill advised, but highly unfeasible.

    And yeah, it sucks that Steve’s brother died in Iraq. I feel bad for his family having to go through that pain, but don’t post stuff like this to exploit the guy’s death to support your stupid ass candidate.

    Diabeetus, if I knew you in real life, I’d fucking kick your teeth in.


    Unless you are, indeed, trolling…

    In which case I’d still want to at least yell at your parents for putting your head in a vice grip when you were a kid.


    Even if that were true, it still has nothing to do with you completely taking something Obama said out of context and, like I said, exploiting a sad event for your own purposes.

    Crap, I don’t even like Obama and I’m typing this.


    “but don’t post stuff like this to exploit the guy’s death to support your stupid ass candidate.”

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. This is horribly sad and it must’ve been terrible for that kid. 🙁

    As for Obama

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Obama want to go into Darfur after we get out of Iraq? Another war we shouldn’t be involved with?


    Two pics that show a very personal side to those numbers that we see in the news. I have my opinions about the Iraq invasion, but posting them seems somehow inappropriate after such pictures.


    I have been checking this blog for some time now and never felt compelled to respond to a post until now. This is awful. The unfortunate part is that this is one of thousands of stories just like it. Sure it is tasteless to use this or any story ike it to further your own political agenda. That isn’t really something I care to debate at this time. I think debating that on this perticular thread is in bad taste. Threatening violence on such a post however is equalling in bad taste. Lets just take this time to remember a fallen countrymen.
    Steve ,… I hope your brother rests in peace my friend. My thoughts are to you and your family. I will forever be greatful to your brother for serving his country and doing a job most of us are not brave enough to do. It saddens me to no end to see things like this happen.


    So, since Cindy Sheehan did it for her left wing ideals, then that makes it okay for you to do for your own?

    And, in a way, I can understand why Cindy has done all the things she has. Her son was killed in combat, and I can’t blame anybody for hating the thing that has taken their son.

    And what would you know about war, Diabeetus? You comfortably sit at home, get on the Internet, and spout your ideals because of people like Steve’s brother, who at least actually tried to make something of himself by. What have you done with your life, besides get on the Internet daily and type things like, “LOL@TOMCRUISESCIENTOLOGY?” You’re way off base to even mention people like Steve’s brother and what their families have been through because you don’t have the slightest clue what they’ve been through.

    And yes, maybe I was a bit violent in my initial reaction. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem. I’m a veteran of the war in Iraq, and I’ve lost some good friends over there. When people like Diabeetus take the sacrifice service members have made and twist it to their own means, I feel that I have every right in the world to be angered by it.

    Like Reboot pointed out in the other thread, anyway–your whole point is flawed because Obama only said he’s open to the idea of having a more flexible plan of withdrawal.




    Pictures like these always touch me and invoke a strong emotional response. These pictures are no exception. The sacrifice and commitment that Steve’s brother and his family have made to help keep our country safe is acknowledged by every member of my family. To Steve, his brother and his family….Thank you! We are all indebted to you.


    The one thing I am wondering, is did Steve’s brother’s friend take the picture of Steve’s funeral?
    If it was that’s a bit disrespectful.


    Successful troll is successful.


    The American Troops are fighting a bullshit cause the war on terror…when the terror is in the united states…it was all set up and your people that you love and care for are giving up there lifes to destroy the middle east so the rest of the world can take control of the oit to have a bigger cash income and to pay the federal reserve system back for all the money they are handing out…The US Goverment Pays For More Then Just Sending Our Troops There The Federal Resever System Just Loans The Money To The World To Get A Set Tax Back From The Money They Just Printed…Stop Killing Your Own…Why Do You Think Its Illegal to go AWALL..Because thos know the truth…Dont Loose Anymore Of Your Loved Ones For The terrorist that sending them out there BUSH….ITS AN INSIDE JOB…HE TOOK DOWN THE TOWERS BY CRONTROLLED DEMOLITION…SAVE THIS WORLD…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I would like to kiss you on the mouth.

    You write poetry that quakes my loins and percolates my senses.

    You are why men have nipples.

    I dig the keen way you ignore anything resembling grammar in favour of attempting to convey the seriousness of your posts.

    Will you be my…be my little baby?



    The American Troops are fighting a bullshit cause the war on terror…blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…….


    honestly i dont care for what you have to say im just staten something people should take a look into if your not intrested then leave it be…otherwise talk all the shit you want i hope it brings a smile to your sad miserable lives 😉


    I promise I will devote the rest of my days to tracking town whoever stole all the punctuation from your post until it is returned to you.



    Hahahahahahah, that’s hilarious. But also, at the same time, makes me incredibly angry that people could possibly be this stupid. Who would have thought Bush would destroy the twin towers killing thousands for no reason so he could go into Iraq even though Iraq wasn’t a direct result of 9/11. I mean, it’s a genius plan really.



    im not writen a formal letter so i could give 2 shits…cry me a river..its all history repeating itself…why dont you come out the closet and check it out…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    When was the last time you made any sense?

    You’re an idiot. Even chris_hates_boobies can see that.

    You need to get out of whatever little bubble you’re in and see the real world. Nothing good comes from being a douchebag alarmist. You’re the new hippies FYI. Nobody likes hippiegays.

    Luke Magnifico

    Who the fuck is Steve.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    btw: Shouldn’t this be called Steve’s dead brother?



    lololol look at Steve cry… he’ll forget all about it when he plays on his Wii again!


    Debating politics with Diabeetus and Magnus and some newfag with a sub-Colbert old joke for a screenname is probably the low point of your intellectual life.


    Also, that kid’s face is hilarious.I ruse every time.


    I guess I’ll put my two cents in. September 17th, also my birthday, there was a battle, the battle of Antietam, the bloodiest battle of American history. Blah blah blah a few paragraphs later. I believe a feww 10-100 thousand people died in the civil war. Now I may sound cruel when I say this, but get over the deaths, this waar is nothing compared to other wars, we elected bush he sent a f**k load of troops to Iraq so we can play hide and go seek with the terrorists. I love my country and all, but this is a little much.



    steve’s tax dollars financed his bro’s death



    C’mon people show a little respect and a little class here…my condolences go out to this young man and his family. RIP soldier.


    sooo anyone else thinking what im thinking? that steve kids parents are prolly all like man i wish that steve kid died instead of his brother jake, good old perfect jake



    Speaking privileges revoked. Please re-apply when you have recovered your common sense.


    That is what happens when you start a war with no reason in the other side of the world… what a pity.


    I agree with michaelv13


    “Sure it is tasteless to use this or any story like it to further your own political agenda.”

    Seems to me it’s more tasteless to CAUSE such deaths to further a political agenda.

    I am Nate


    do you fully realize how stupid you sounded just then?

    Bush is an oil man, we all knew that, and ya he wants his money but to say that was an inside job is just nuts. It was conveniant for him, sure, but getting oil from the middle east wouldn’t be such a big deal if we could drill in anwar and the coast of florida. That can’t happen though because the liberal environmentalist bastards won’t let us. China has the rights to drill 50 miles off of the coast of florida, which means they can also drill under it because of diagonal drilling methods but we can’t. Also you can blame Bush all you want to but we wouldn’t have gone to war without the Left voting on it. It’s just as much the Left’s fault as it is the Right’s.

    And while we’re ragging on authority figures, Barrack Hussein Obama is a socialist bastard and a fake.


    diabeetus, powerful, powerful images. I have also suffered some meaningful and (2) heavy losses both from the UK and looking at these re-upset me for a good half-hour.
    Words are meaningless but try to stand tall Steve and allow yourself to weep when you need to … you soon realize how much taller and stronger you have become that you have the capability to openly love someone that much.

    David Westh

    Dear Ukranian/diabeetus

    They are indeed very intense images!

    I too lost a brother many years ago… not to actions of war, but to a drunk driver. No matter the reason, the outsome of losing a loved one is hard to live with. My deepest sympathies are for Steve and you!

    Steve’s brother died fighting for a cause which is – at least – a comfort in “some” way. My brother died, so an alcoholic could spare the taxi fare, and drive home herself.

    I used to hate her, but I don’t anymore. Now I only pity her, and her sorry existence.

    In Denmark we have a saying: “Time heals all wounds.”

    It’s is true, but it does take a long time and it seems unbearable when the wounds are fresh.

    I’m sorry for your loss!




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