gun ownership

gun ownership

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    That could not be any more true.


    after katrina, the cops confiscated all of the guns by force… house to house… sadness…


    I like that 12 guage. Nom


    I can’t believe they left out that zombies want your brains


    You’re right tt98, here in Baltimore the police are so protective and responsive to calls that it has been almost whole day since our last murder and almost 12 hours since our last home evasion.




    Let’s not forget the appeal of masturbation.


    and Velociraptors.


    Ok, here in Baltimore legal gun ownership for self-defense is not allowed and we have a murder rate 6 times higher then New York, but any areas in this state that has a high legal gun ownership the murder rate is next to zero and very little home invasion. Go figure.

    After reading tt98 post again, I see that I misread it (I thought he was saying that the “poster” info was wrong) my bad.


    Katrina illustrated that in extreme situations the police are either unable or unwilling to do there jobs and it becomes up to the local community to protect their homes. In the next few years there will more than likely be similar situations where order will be maintained by well armed citizens


    Or you could buy the guns for self defense or collect them as a hobby. Stupid liberal bullshit.


    I would like to think this where the modern interpretation of the 2nd amendment is going. In usual situations (like Katrina) a trained group of volunteer neighbors could, at a moments notice, secure and assist their local neighborhood until the proper authorities have the ability to resume their assigned duties.

    This needs to be more than just a bunch of gun toting knuckleheads, but people who have proven the can use their equipement in a safe and reliable manner (which in my opinion would not just be weapons, but advanced first aid, radio communications, water purification, emergency shelter contruction and the like).


    Gun violence is high in certain areas not because of excessive gun laws but because of widespread poor and lack of education.


    I’ve been (and lived) in rural areas most everyone is poor and stupid and where everyone owns a legal firearm, yet they don’t seem to shooting the crap out of each other.


    the 2nd amendment provided for well regulated militias and by that they meant regulated private militias. Thats right back in the 18th & 19th century private militias were very common in the USA. If you can have private militias then private gun ownership is completely implied. Extreme liberal minority groups are trying to push their ideas on the majority of the country.


    I suppose this would be a good time to point out the recent supreme court ruling affirming the right to have guns for self-defense in the home and declaring that gun bans in cities like Washington D.C are unconstitutional.


    I said certain areas, gor. Population density is a factor in gun crime also, and as such you’ll see it mostly in urban areas.

    Also, I’m really tired of hearing the tired argument that “liberal radicals are forcing their beliefs on us”.


    If you want to stop hearing that, then tell those blasted liberal radicals to stop arguing that more gun control will reduce gun violence. It is an equally tired and flawed an argument…


    agreed phyreblade. I wish i could push a button and send all the liberals packing back north where they can drink their fucking starbucks, complain about the death penalty, trans-fat, what euros think about americans, and arroganatly look down their nose at conservatives as dumb hicks. They could be free to do all this as along as they pack there shit and do it in Chicago, or Oregon or New York City, and leave real americans to live their lives unfettered.


    You also need this type of protection now that the fags are all getting married. So sick. Dicks belong in pussies not assholes.


    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


    You guys should be careful. Someone might think you really ARE dumbass hicks who cling to their god and their guns because they aren’t as intelligent as the rest of us.


    Liberals already view the rest of America as a bunch of dumb hicks who need to be led by the liberal elite because they are to stupid to take care of themselves. Liberals think patriotism means paying your taxes. Liberals are the ones who when they go backpacking through Europe they pretend they are from Canada. Liberals are the ones who get so embarrassed by euros overseas because they cant explain why the US isnt a carbon copy of the typical liberal euro nation. Bottom line: Liberal=traitor. Should be only one penatly for traitors on earth. And as Dante explained they have a special place waiting for them in the afterlife.


    I think that anyone who would jump to the conclusion that someone is less intelligent than they, simply because their views differ on any particular point, is actually demonstrating their inability to make logical and unbiased deductions based on the evidence at hand.

    In fact I think that kind of behavior is a better indication of ones intelligence than anything else one says or does. I would not waste my time attempting to argue my position with those kinds of people, as they tend to blatantly ignore anything that does not fit into their absolute paradigm of the universe.

    However, their annoyingly shrill cries of fear echo unrelentingly all over the country, and lawmakers constantly capitulate, sans logic or reason. They all seem to think that their way is the best way.

    That’s all good and fine, but I take exception to others who, having never been in anyone shoes but their own, act as if everyone else is living in the same world they are, and try to make everyone else follow whatever rules seems to makes sense to them at the time…

    Drives me absolutely nuts…

    Le Qube

    Well posted, Phyreblade.

    teezy weezy

    Americans are morons, enjoy your guns bowys


    “Because the south will rise again”

    Holy stupidity Batman.

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