George Bush Cross Eyed

George Bush Cross Eyed

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    My man! What’s up my man?!


    Got Damn ! These negroes won’t shut the hell up!


    trying to keep his balance without his desk.


    *sigh*… Idiot


    Ugh, Afrikani food makes me go poopy in my pants!


    Just me, or does his right hand blend right into the black guy’s?


    At first I thought it was a zombie shoop


    I just dont understand him, why make stupid faces. You know there are cameras there, you know with the internet it will be splashed all over the world. You dont just make yourself look like an idiot, you make all americans look like jackasses. For Gods sake have some fucking class man a minimum level of dignity.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You poeple are funny.

    The sheep got told its keeps raining cause of the sheppard and now all their problems can be solved if they just follow a new sheppard.

    It’s still going to be raining.


    BUTTforson dumbcocksucker.

    Ohh how deep. Did you just finish your online poetry/polisci/philosophy correspondence course at the local community college?

    Please enlighten use with more of your pithy observations


    AUSBUTT: If you’re going to try to be clever at least spell shepherd correctly.

    purple banana

    Anyone who still uses the term “sheep” or “sheeple” as a metaphor is obviously a dumbass. People need to follow the crowd once in a while. You don’t just sporadically run a red light in heavy traffic just to show how individual you are. Zebras stay in groups when confronted by prides of lions- guess which ones get eaten? The ones who split off from the pack. It’s great to have your own mind about issues, but when you sit back and sneer at those who might be happy having the same opinion as others, it just makes you look like a pretentious dick.

    Oh yeah, his face looks like a baboon…


    01/09 – The end of an error


    i make that same face after i snort a big line of cocaine….


    purple banana

    It’s not the zebra that splits from the pack that gets eaten: the lions identify the weak, injured or old, and separate them from the pack. So you can be part of the pack and still get dicked over by a lion, which is how a lot of Bush backers are feeling these days.

    And I believe that the sheep metaphor concerns the matter of thinking for yourself, which would include stopping at a red light, not because someone else does, but because you’re smart enough as an individual to not drive into an intersection against the light. And I could refer to people who go to jobs from 8-5 every day as sheep, but they all drive different cars, so are they sheep or aren’t they? The context of the metaphor goes beyond legality such as red lights and heavy traffic, so your examples are specious.


    This Man Is The Terrorist

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