ATF – should be convenience store, not a governmental agency

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    Damn Straight.


    One stop shopping.


    If you Have ever heard about that disaster in Waco, Texas where that religious cult leader David Koresh held up children and his followers in a bible school for a couple of days, and had a big shootout with automatic weapons with the ATF. The reason this whole situation went bad was that an ATF spy’s cover was blown so David was ready for the ATF, and the building ended up burning to the ground. ATF sure fucked that one up.


    And nothing of value was lost.


    The ATF didn’t eff that one up, Janet Reno did. She should have just punched a hole in the wall and started a dance party instead of burning it all down.

    Then, Sonny Bono wouldn’t have had to publicly criticize her, and he would have never been assassinated as a result.


    About Wacco, the local sheriff tried to get the ATF to allow him to go there first and peacefully get the Davidians to allow the warrant to be served, but those ATF ass-hats, basically disrespected the sheriff and told him to get out of the way and let the “real” law enforcement officers do their job.

    As much as I don’t want cops to get hurt, this ATF team was just a bunch of dickwads, who, because of their superior attitude, got many of their men needlessly killed. It seems that the ATF now reguarly works with the local cops so incidents like Waco won’t happen.

    tiki god

    assassinated by killer pine trees?

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