stratofortress over golden gate bridge

stratofortress over golden gate bridge

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    Uh, Flying Fortress, maybe.

    Cool pic.


    I believe that is the B-17G nine-oh-nine.


    Since it has the chin turret, yeah, that’s a B-17G.

    Once described as “A quarter million rivets flying in close formation”.


    THE BEST FUCKING AIRPLANE EVER MADE… caps intended people.. Screw everyone who posts after this.


    Looks like a dassault mirage to me…

    General X

    Stratofortres was the one that dropped the bomb. The flying fortress did the dirty grind in WWII. She and the Liberator.


    Superfortress dropped Nukes bombs on Japan. Strato is B-52.


    Superfortress dropped Nukes on Japan. Strato is B-52. B-17/24s worked MOSTLY in europe , by the time the US was withing bomber range of japan the B-29 Superfortress had replaced the obsolete B-17/24.


    Definitely Flying Fortress. I’ve been on one ( not when it was in the sky, unfortunately ) as well as a Liberator. Both of them in flying condition. They flew in and flew out. Amazing freaking things. Hell, this could’ve been the one I was on. ::wipes a tear:: These things were some amazing work horses. They’d get shot to shit and still make it home.



    The best fucking bomber ever made, but I would say the P-38 Lighting has best airplane ever made.

    Does that mean you’re going to screw me now? (I would prefer if you didn’t)


    Stratofortress = B52
    Superfortress = B29 (dropped the A bomb)

    A for effort though.


    every other poster

    Thats an F-22 raptor you idiots!!!


    The A-10 is the best plane ever… The lightning was cool, revolutionary for it’s time, but the A-10 is just a BMF… Samuel L. Jackson bad…

    and yes, bend over now.



    I agree the A-10 is badass and it provided me with much relief when I had to worry about rag-headed bastards, but if I was alive during WW2 I would want to be either a P-38 pilot or a B-17 gunner.


    Seriously? P-38 over the F4U or the ‘Stang? Weird..


    Dude, the P-38 was the fucking “flying forked-tailed devil”, it had two 1,170hp engines, four .50 cals and a motherfucking 20mm cannon. All the guns were all in the nose and didn’t converge, so they were accurate to over a mile (the most of any fighter).

    Plus, it was the coolest looking fighter ever built.


    I’ll take an ME-262 over the P-38 any day of the week, and I really like the P-38. But, as Yeager said, “If the ME-262 knew you were there, you weren’t going to shoot it down. They would toy with us, let us get close, and then go full throttle and zoom away out of range, giving us the bird. And I couldn’t blame them. If I was in a 262, I would have done the same thing.”

    I’ll take Yeager’s word on it.


    yeah, the ME-262 was good, but you would have to have been a fucking Nazi to fly one.


    One of these B-17’s took off from Boeing Field last week, and flew right over me. Awesome sight.

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