mario killed the tmnt

mario killed the tmnt

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    Is that Jason Vorhees? I was never really into TMNT so I apologise if he’s a character from that.


    Reminds me of that episode of Robot Chicken where Mario and Luigi wind up in Vice City…



    That’s Casey Jones, sports-equipment-wielding vigilante ally of the Turtles


    “anybody up for a few rounds of cricket?”


    Ah right, thanks Mayyday.


    It’s alright, I was thinking the exact same thing.


    Srsly, The TMNT were freakin’ Ninjas… I’m having issues seeing a freakin’ plumber taking out a bunch of ninjas… Even if they were turtles…


    It depends where on the Mario timeline they encountered him. In 85, if Mario jumped on a turtle, it fuckin died.

    No girls ever hugged Jason Vorhees. Gowd!

    Artwork is superb. Funny lookin.


    i wish this was big enough to be wallpaper.


    There an enemy in the Mario World called “ninji” which was some kinda catlike ninja critter…I think…which may explain how Mario could defeat a ninja.

    I think the artist should have made Casey’s shaggy hair a little more obvious. I immediately thought it was Jason too. Awesome friggin’ pic though.


    OK, but didn’t he have to stomp on them to kill them ? Somehow i’m thinking they are a little more agile than your average turtle… And were Ninji actual real ninja? The Foot were supposedly ninjas, but got taken out all the time by the turtles…

    Maybe I’m over thinking this…

    But I do agree Casey needs moar hair to avoid the Vorhees effect…

    tiki god

    it really depends on WHAT Foot Clan you’re talking about too! the cartoon used robots, where as the cartoons / movies used real peoples!!!!11!!


    How could Casey be wearing that mask at a time like this. Too tough for April to see him cry?


    Maybe Mario was high on mushrooms and summoned some sort of retard strength? Perhaps, what with all of them being NY natives, they were fighting over the best pizza parlors in the city?

    At least Mario knows what a terrible crime he’s committed! He looks pretty apologetic.

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