Cavity search

myfirstcavitysearch.jpg (77 KB)

I strongly believe this picture is a hoax. I would be delighted to know who the hell made that pic.

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    Billy Manic

    The guard on the left strongly reminds me of Pedobear.


    About time Pedobear got a job. He’s gotta pay for all sorts of lawyers, anyway.


    With how paranoid America is right now thx to 9/11 and Bush’s idiocy? I honestly would NOT be surprised if this was real.

    Billy Manic

    “And here, inspired by so much love and good sense, a false cover children’s book”
    Straight from the link.


    The image source is watermarked right into the graphic; scrolling down at the referenced site, you can find it at this permalink:


    AliceH already posted a translated version of that warren.


    Fake? Uh, ya think?
    (Of course it’s fake! It’s a joke.)

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