Alcohol Vs Weed

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    I’ll only agree with the first part.


    Like people need a chemicals to be assholes


    This is sure to start another hellfire discussion with all sorts of science and “science” before it quickly degrades into names like “fuckwad” and “asstard”. I, for one, look forward to the crazy posts.


    I’m okay with people fucking themselves up (I do it myself!) – Just don’t fucking hurt people, or put yourself in a position to hurt people by accident you fucktards.


    ohohohohohohohohohohhoohoho! Im gonna be the first. Marijuana leads to overdose deaths. It also leads to somewhat rare deaths by first time ever trying it because someone added windex or something to get a better high. Domestic violence, yes, sexual assault, maybe, I dont really know,could be. Violent crime, are you kidding me? Hell yes. Its yes on all accounts for both of them, except sexual assault for Marijuana.


    Well, based soley on the picture, there isn’t too much to argue about. Normal Marijuana doesn’t contain enough THC for you to overdose from smoking it. Injecting crazy genetically modified Mary Jane of Doom directly into your veins might be another kettle of fish.

    As for the other 3, you can put them all into a nice box labeled “Violence”. And I invite anyone who thinks pot makes you violent to go smoke a fattie, and then try to do something more violent than demolishing a bag of cheesy poofs.


    Violent crime? so violent crime doesnt involve disputes between drug dealers and police officers. smoking weed doesnt cause primary violence but the social constraints surrounding weed cause the problems. MAKE WEED LEGAL. and theres also the long term mental health issues that come with smoking weed but i do agree with agzed you would have a hard time being violent high.


    Do any of you even smoke pot?

    You are an idiot. Neither alcohol nor marijuana will cause violent crimes, sexual assault, or sexual assault.

    people should hold themselves responsible for their own actions. drugs aren’t for everyone, and people who use them (including myself) should accept the consequences of their own actions.

    if you rape someone, act violently, commit a crime: don’t blame it on the booze or what you had to smoke.

    People who blame drugs for the problems of society are ignorant. every individual person is responsible for their own actions, and saying that drugs bring out the beast in someone is fucking retarded.

    I’m not trying to start a fight, and I do agree that sometimes the shit is polluted. however, your stance is a little narrow-minded. i respect your opinion, but you’re way off the mark. if you know what you’re doing, and you know what real pot is like, you won’t be fooled by anything but the real deal. pot doesn’t kill people, idiots kill themselves.


    that being said: smoke ’em if you got ’em.

    also, i’m far from being a marijuana activist, i just can’t stand people and their sabre rattling and perpetuation of misinformation.



    No, I completely agree, that was incredibly narrow-minded, I by no means think this way in a regular situation BUT, I was just trying to rally something up in the likes of what MrPsychic said. Turns out the first person to call me on it was actually smart.
    Im no activist for drugs or really alcohol. I agree that anyone willing to do drugs or alcohol should be ready to accept the consequences. Neither cause it, its the person who takes it who causes it. But people dont take responsibility for their actions that lead to something, they use automatism as a way to get out of it. Some cases they’re granted freedom others they’re rightfully punished.


    Turns out neither of us are assholes, nor are we idiots. I’m glad. Anything I’ve said, directed towards you with mean spirit is hereby rescinded. Null and void.

    I’m just glad that a guy can actually have a mature debate on a forum, even if it is rare.


    wait wait wait. WTF? Tardex and Camiam321….arguing…peacefully. About something like this. Ok everyone i think its painfully obvious. Both of them are definitely smoking some pot. Officer arrest those two! 😉


    I’m tired of hearing people bitch about weed being illegal. If you want some fucking pot just cross the street and buy some fucking pot.


    Hahahah! I’ve not smoked in weeks!


    smoking windex?



    Oh yeah, i once got shit laced with Raid. Usually mids or ditchweed gets cut with chemicals of some sort. Another common cut for beasters or said mids/ditch is Salt, which really fucks up your lungs. I’ve also heard stories of weed being sprayed down with crushed glass,sugar or bricks to simulate Trichomes( those little resin crystals that good bud is soaked in).


    none of the “genetically modified ” weed is powerful enough to OD. Theoretically in order to OD you would need to extract the THC from the plant, which is pretty much impossible unless you have access to a fully stocked laboratory. Even so the LD50 of marijuana is not established in humans plus there is yet a single case of a person dying from it.

    Having that said i’ve pretty much given up ont he “legalize it ” movement. The DEA and government have their heads so far up their asses they are digesting their faces.


    okay, seriously? i got really high last night for the first time in probably a year and i couldn’t even drive, let alone beat on someone.

    anyone that thinks weed leads to violence is a fucking assclown.


    Just like guns don’t kill people, alcohol does not cause violent crime. People kill people and people cause violent crime. Alcohol just makes it easier to lose restraint and self control.


    Some people become violent on alcohol.
    That doesn’t mean it’s to blame, but it CAN contribute.

    madhouses visites

    The news often says the most dangerous thing about drugs is that the user doesn’t know what they are taking. If that’s not the perfect reason for legalisation, I don’t know what is.



    Putting windex on ur joint is just and hick-like as making your own moonshine. Users are more often oblvious and carefree about where or what their drugs are made with and ONLY care about if the drugs were worth the money and deliver the buzz expected.
    Drugs act differently from one person to the next, your body type, lifestyle, ethnic and social background and mental health are all contributing factors to all immoral activity that societey endures for the sake of ” escaping the hardships of life”
    But from a scientifc point of view the picture we are all debating on is one the spot and solid esspecialy for the overdose part, you’ll probably pass-out from being too stoned way before you choke and die.


    smoking weed is for losers, I am talking to you token I know you are reading this out there you pothead.

    teezy weezy



    drugs and intoxicants in general were created as a way for strong people to control and dominate weak people.



    hahaha, seems rare doesnt it, but no man, I dont smoke. So it seems we have an even bigger problem ahead of us…


    i’ll agree that they can be used that way, but drugs have also been pivotal in many cultures’ rituals and spiritual ceremonies. no one dominates me.


    I read how alcohol causes sexual assaults as someone slipping a date rape drug into someone else’s drink.

    You can’t put a date rape drunk into a joint, can you? You may be able to put it in a brownie, but that’s all I have to add to this conversation.


    Date rape drug…bleh.

    tiki god


    yeah, you can slip shit into weed. Some anti-weed adverts mention people that have gone crazy from smoking lsd laced weed.



    The date rape drug is incredibly small as well, you could fit it into just about anything without anyone noticing.



    I am a Medical Doctor at an inner-city hospital in Los Angeles. I was originally a medical lecturer at Harvard. I gave up my tenure because I felt like I could be more help “in the field.” I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

    I see kids come in here all the time with Marijuana overdoses. It’s the most tragic thing. It’s not like overdosing on heroin, where we can save you with adrenaline shots. As soon as I see the telltale signs – fully conscious paralysis, “red eyes” and high body heat – I know there’s not hope. Once you have overdosed on Marijuana, you are effectively dead and no medic can save you. The worst part is that it’s a slow painful death… usually two or three days of excruciating pain before your heart finally gives out. The few kids that can talk describe it as being ass-raped by the devil. Of course, the paralysis is usually to great for them to talk.

    The idea that you can’t overdose on Marijuana is an urban myth – like bananadine or “true” LSD no longer being produced. THC overdose is the number one cause of drug related death for people under 25: under 25 because most potheads don’t make it past that age.

    I know you think I’m “square” and “pooping your party” but I am trying to save your live. Please, protect yourself, don’t smoke Marijuana.

    according to these articles, there have been no recorded marijuana overdoses in the history of mankind.

    If you could overdose on THC, Bob Dylan, All of the Beatles, and Willie Nelson would have died young.

    I’d have to say that you are lying. In order to over dose on marijuana, you would need to consume 1000 times the amount you would need to get high.

    I’ve also heard that to overdose on marijuana, one must smoke approximately 2/3 of one’s body weight. If this is the case, then I (weighing about 160) would have to smoke 106 pounds of pot in basically one sitting. That can’t be done…

    I have smoked almost every day since late November of 2007, I smoke the least of all of my friends, I will continue to smoke weed. When I tell my friends of your rant, we will laugh at you.

    I hope that your comment was a joke, otherwise you are extremely ignorant.


    My doctor smokes. My best friend’s sister is a neurologist and she smokes. Willie Nelson smokes. Enjoy it responsibly.

    tiki god


    I am a Medical Doctor at an inner-city hospital in Los Angeles. I was originally a medical lecturer at Harvard. I gave up my tenure because I felt like I could be more help “in the field.” I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

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