Warhammer 40k – Tau Firewarrior

Warhammer 40k - Tau Firewarrior

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    I’m lovin’ this warhammer stuff


    It was an awful game though.


    Just a standard 1st person shooter, not great, but not too bad. I did like walking through the 40k universe and see it, especially the Dicator Class cruiser. Also, the cut scenes were pretty cool.

    tiki god

    you guys know that whatever game you’re talking about is based on the much much larger Black Library material right?

    what game are you talking about? the only wh40k game that I know of is Dawn of War, and that was a RTS, not a FPS.

    Wulf Sage

    Fire warrior was an FPS about 4 years if not more back. It was deffinatley on PS2 not sure about other platforms.

    The black Library Fiction for 40K is fantastic, I recommend Dan Abbot above most though.


    Fuck yeah Tau.

    Also I loved Dawn of War etc.
    But maybe that’s just me.


    As Wulf Sage said, Fire Warrior was a fps warhammer 40k game for ps2 and pc, and this was the image on the box. Though the game box version was more… um.. game box-y