jessica biel – night wallpaper

jessica biel - night wallpaper


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    So is MCS now going to permanently go in the direction of porn ads on the front page and no NSFW cut links anymore?

    Not cool.


    This is safe for work, unless you work in Iraq!


    I was wondering what you were talking about for a second, but the Virtual Girl HD is staring at me over there. Although, this is totally SFW. Are you working at a church or something?

    tiki god

    wtf is up with that shit, i”ll get on it


    I think he might be talking about the rule #34 ad on the left hand side. says right on it the definition of rule 34. And you don’t have to work at a church for that (and unfortunately this :[ ) to be NSFW. Large corporations, global companies, and probably quite a few not so huge companies (when the MCS atendee is NOT the CEO) would find that … well, not safe for work. I don’t mean to be a prude, and I absolutely love these types of pics, but I could definitely see where people could get in trouble if their manager walked by and saw what was on the screen.

    I know, i know: TL;DR, so synopsis: Colonel Yum Yum: L2READ. idiot.


    It looks like an actress in a dark room turning her head….


    If you can get in trouble at work for viewing the above picture, you should not be reading MCS at work.


    it’s only nsfw if there’s a fat and/or ugly bitch at your job who hates herself and the fact that no one but the drunk wingman will even look at her so she pushes the company to be extra strict about sexual harassment policies and finds this gorgeous picture offensive b/c she can’t look like that even though she shouldn’t be looking at your screen any way b/c that’s a fucking act of terrorism you fat bitch now put down the fucking birthday cake from the second floor and go get on a treadmill you cow!….sorry tangent


    Out of focus but somehow still utterly utterly utterly stunningly sexy!


    I agree totally with starbuck, but you try changing DELL policy. Betcha it wont happen.


    No, I didn’t mean that this image specifically is NSFW, nor am I at work or a church; it’s that this picture was the top of the stack when i first noticed the banners. I’d also just sent a link for another picture to a buddy who *was* at work at the time and brought the banners to my attention, for which I had to apologise and say “WTF is going on this site isn’t usually like that”. It was the virtualgirl ass shaking at the top and sides of the screen, plus the rule 34 stuff, etc. Looks like it’s gone now. Thanks Tiki.


    I like this picture… finally an image showing a woman being curvy.

    – People shouldn’t be surfing the internet from work generally speaking and deserve what they get when caught.

    While I don’t think an image of this sort is worth reporting as sexual harassment (well ok, even if a guy was looking at porn at work and I saw, I would not feel sexually harassed), that doesn’t mean that others are going to agree. The reasons for why they feel differently don’t necessarily have to be insecurity driven and I think it’s small minded to make such ugly assumptions.


    first of all, there’s nothing with surfing the net at work as long as your work is done on time and the way its’ supposed to be. It’s called morale.

    Second, the comment i made earlier was less of a comment about fat/ugly people (everyone is ugly to someone and it’s not my place to judge people) it was a statement about how people take out their problems on other people b/c they’re too stupid to know or realize what bothers them. And i’m sorry if you think “stupid people” is an “ugly comment” but people are fucking stupid as hell! When will we as a society enforce human breeding laws? The world would be a much better place for it.


    also, i never want to see a morbidly obese person eating at a fast food joint or stuffing cake in their mouth again. It’s not hard to stay healthy and still eat the things you want to once you get healthy. But this all hearkens back to the stupid people tyrant


    Not to change the subject, but anyone know what this pic is from?

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