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    Gary Generic

    I never voted for this.


    I can’t see it.

    Billy Manic

    …click on it!


    Is this what the Boy Scouts will use for the “Faith in God” ping. But change it to “Faith in Science” or “Faith in Nothing” or whatever.


    If an icon is going to represent my beliefs, I want it to be cool.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Is this this icon for the Unified Atheist League or Allied Atheist Alliance?
    Go otters!


    Atheists don’t need icons… that’s the point actually. Why make an icon for a lack of something. Wait, I just got an idea… I’m going to make myself a icon of not liking tomatoes.


    It’s more like not believing that all tomatoes were created by a magical invisible tomato in an unreachable dimension.

    On second thought, I’d want an icon for that. Someone get on it!


    “I don’t believe in Atheism.”


    God damn agnostics!


    I don’t believe it

    teezy weezy

    I don’t care.


    3 valence electrons… Lithium?

    The symbol for Atheists is Lithium??

    What is so Godless about Lithium?


    when i clicked on the image, i expected to get a blank page….! I am Theist, therefore, I think realistically!!!! Man should not have stuck his nose into God’s Religion…(period)! yes, i believe that mohammhead, budda, gora, confuciauos, and any one else that thinks they’re an only child of God, should rule over all of us!!! then, i could be even more confused and take more Prosac.

    Luke Magnifico



    I’m sorry.

    I’m God, and I totally exist.


    That looks like the icon for an atom. I mean its kinda connected to science but its still really stupid, i bet they could have randomly picked something from clip-art and found something better.


    Don’t know this one.

    The invisible pink unicorn logos are more well known I reckon


    Athiesm, to me, is the complete lack of religious beliefs. So I don’t really need a symbol to show my lack of beliefs.

    But I do understand the science aspect. Maybe it should be the “Pro-Evolution” symbol instead.


    Pro-Evolution would not work due to the fact that most churches today say that evolution does not in fact conflict with the creation story because the Jewish word for day can also mean era. So many scholars believe that our planet may have been created in 7 eras… (can you tell I went to a Christian school?) Of course, that being said, if a religion is basically the same thing as a world-view, than atheism is a religion as well. It is simply a religion that believes in science rather than God. I however believe in God, call me ignorant… Read more »


    Ack – it could represent energy levels rather than electrons: 1, 2s, 2p

    Then it could be any of B, C, N, O, F, Ne



    “And if the explosion that triggered the big bang was cause by something, how did that something get there?”

    And if the universe was created by someone, how did that someone get there?