World’s most expensive home-cinema

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This baby costs $6 million but it’s the ultimate home theater experience.

Jeremy Kipnis is a music producer that also invented this incredible home-cinema system. I’m sure you think $6 million is too much for something like this but if you’re really passionate about something, money is definitely no object..especially if you have lots of it.

The Kipnis home cinema is made up of a Sony SRX-S110 Professional Video Projector with a 4,096-by-2,160 resolution, the Stewart Snowmatte 1.0 Gain Laboratory-Grade Motion Picture screen (18×10 foot) , Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Player, Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD Player with SATA Drive (72 HDTV Hours Total) and Mark Levinson N° 51 DVD/CD Media Player, HLD-X0 Hi-Vision HDTV MUSE Laserdisc Player,VC HMDH-5U D-VHS recorder. Throw in a PlayStation 3 console for hardcore gamers and you have the world’s most “badass” home cinema.

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    Rule 34



    But seriously, I shit my pants when I first heard surround sound, I can’t imagine what I would do when exposed to all this.


    i imagine anus tingling is a big part of the rush.


    ME WANT!



    Is that a model of The Nautilus in one of those pics? Cause that’s just bad ass too.


    I have a friend who has a 52″ surround sound theatre in his living room. Special recliners and everything. He is also surrounded by CD’s, DVD’s and Blue Rays. He has thousands of them.

    He has no girlfriend, and no life- but he has a great TV set!


    Fuck. Want.

    Alpha Harrison

    All that pant-wetingly amazing equipment, and he plays ratatoille? If i knew people were coming to photgraph my set-up, i’d have platoon on or something, or maybe bad boys just for the big explosions. Even if you wanted to go disney, Monster’s inc. looks a helluva lot better


    too bad all that equipment will be obsolete by the time I’m done writing this sentence.

    In the future people will say, “Remember when we thought DVD’s were the best thing EVER? HAHA!! Now movies are directly planted into our mind via our Google chips.”


    Notwithstanding to the total and uncompromising overkill that this system represents, I’ve got three words for this evil setup…

    Saving Private Ryan.

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