awesome aircraft

awesome aircraft

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    Obligatory: Will it take off?



    plane: “oma noma nom!!”

    Luke Magnifico

    Panik: Why not? It’s essentially one big jet engine. Might not be able to turn as well, but it will develop enough thrust.


    @ Luke This craft actually demonstrates perfectly why jet (or jet turbine) engines are so complicated. The air entering the front of the nacelle has to exit with greater thrust than it entered with to compel the craft to flight. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, a closed body design (think single engine Cessna) will generate more lift because of the air flow over the lifting surfaces which is generated by the propeller. This closed body design will rely solely on the thrust derived from the encapsulated propeller to generate enough forward speed for lifting force to be applied to… Read more »


    it’s just a fan, guise

    Luke Magnifico

    Oh, I didn’t take into account the vacuum ability of the propeller. My bad.


    looks like it flies to me



    Before model turbine engines hit the market, just about every radio controlled model “jet” was powered by a ducted fan (or a fan spun by a piston engine). People flew these for decades. Now turbines are available. There’s also a whole bunch of high performance electric ducted fan models.

    Maybe you are thinking about the aerodynamics of unpowered bullets.


    that looks like a regular prop engine mounted in the front of a tube. i’d like to get a closer look at it. it’s Italian, so, no, it probably didn’t actually fly. LMAO


    Son-of-a… it does fly! That’s what I get for paying attention in school.