Wanted Wallpaper

soooo, I just saw this, and it was….good.  not necessarily great, but good.  I’m sure we’ll all see headlines in the news of dumbasses trying to curve bullets with their tec 9’s.


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    Wrong, it was ace, absolutely ace. Tons of fun! Not realistic but it is based on a comic, even my wench thought it was great!


    Yea it was better than I thought it would be.
    Nice shot of Ms Jolie coming out of a tub.


    DO WANT?

    tiki god

    based on a comic? by name only! The comic was about a group of super villains that banned together and killed all the heroes and ruled the world.

    nothing like the movie at all.



    yeah, I was curious about that. Considering the last frame of the comic is him saying “this is my face as I’m fucking you in the ass” in reference to ruling the world, and he earlier boasts about raping an A-list actress and getting away with it, I had a hard time believing that they were doing an adaptation.


    I think the last line of the movie was far better than the comic … “this is me taking control of my life. what you have done with yours lately?”

    But yeah, the movie was badass!! Best action i’ve seen in a while.



    If the author of the comic thinks the movie is just like the comic, then it’s just like the comic.


    There are six windows



    Ill watch this later.


    I enjoyed it. Didn’t read the comic (except for the last panel, of which I had problems relating the movie to the panel, but that’s OK).

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