heart attack on a plate

heart attack on a plate

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    WTF is that?


    heart attack.



    it’s poutine. it’s traditionally french fries, white cheese curd and beefy gravy. it’s fucking gross and hugely popular in canada.


    also, please subtract the ‘h’ from your name. i’m mildly intoxicated.


    Wait… Silverflux, you said it’s popular in Canda? That explains a lot about why it looks like edible death.


    Actually, that one looks really gross, but the ones that are made right, are delicious. Yes, they are definately a hard attack to go, but man, they are tasty. The hot gravy melts the cheese curds, and you basically get cheesy fries in gravy.


    Correction silverfuck. It’s popular in Quebec, a province in Canada.


    Poutine, Baby… never had it as i am in Florida… but it’s worth the trip from my understanding


    Fries, gravy, and cheese. Eh, its not bad. Seriously lacking in the bacon department. Its messy as hell.

    But remember, starch and fat in almost any form go marvelously together.

    Alec Dalek

    You guys are all ignorant as fuck sometimes. Poutine is French for “mess”, and consists of French Fries covered in various ingredients. The original recipe was cheese curds & gravy, but there are many other variations now, such as Montreal Poutine (adds Smoked Meat) and Italian Poutine (Fries, Peppers and Marinara sauce). Originally from Quebec, it has started to spread across Canada, and become quite popular in Ontario too. It may look gross to the uninitiated, but once you’ve tried it, you will crave it.

    Alec Dalek

    Damn it, now it’s all I can think about. I know what I’m having for lunch.

    Luke Magnifico

    Alec, don’t act as if you didn’t just wiki it. And don’t take it so personally, I bet you’ve never heard of coddle, you ignorant fuck you.


    I’m from Canada and yes, it is popular. Sadly though, I could see allot of Americans eating this. The only problem is that this meal is normally loaded with salt= gravy + cheese curds + fries. This would go exceptionally well with a 7/11 gallon of Pepsi.


    I too am from Canada, although from the west coast side (Alberta) and it is quite common over here too. One of my favorite dishes at any time of the day 😛


    I was fine til the cheese curds. I never could get myself to eat cottage cheese, though i have managed to get through ricotta in ziti, stuffed shells, manicotti, etc…


    SO GOOOD!!!
    I’m from Toronto Ontario. and they have poutine almost everywhere. I go to university in St. Catharines, and they have it down here too, near Buffalo.
    Dairy queen and burger king both serve poutine here.
    I prefer it with chicken gravy instead of beef gravy.


    cheese curds is not cottage cheese..
    its more like lumps of mozzarella.


    – actually, it’s popular in CANADA. ’cause i live here. and people here eat it. that makes it popular in CANADA.

    @AlecDalek – actually, nyoki asked what it was. so i told him. i said it’s traditionally those ingredients; not once did i say that’s the only way to make it.

    – i’m from st. catharines. small world 🙂