Discovery Channel Commercial – Boom De Yada!

is some sweet shit, but I need some help Identifying some of the singers and the shows they appear on:

1.) Guy in space – no particular show
2.) (?) Guy With Camera with awesome scope
3.) (?) Deadliest Catch – Crew On Ship
4.) (?) Indian Tribe
5.) (?) Girl On Surf Board
6.) Dirtiest Jobs – Mike Rowe
7.) (?) Guy in jet
8.) (?) Guy In Fast Car In Desert
9.) (?) Woman that loves Egyptian Kings
10.) (?) Tibetan Monks
11.) (?) Dude Underwater
12.) (?) Rappers
13.) Future Weapons – Richard Machowicz
14.) (?) Guy that loves tornadoes
15.) Man Vs Wild – Bear Grylls
16.) (?) Hot Magma Man
17.) (?) Giant Squid Man
18.) (?) People On beach
19.) Myth Busters – Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage
20.) Steven hawking
21.) (?) Dude base jumping into vertical cave

The World is Just Awesome

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    probably my favorite commercial ever


    Oh, now I get that fucking xkcd comic.
    “I love ar-ach-a-nids” is the best bit.


    That makes two of us, bob. I had seen this commercial before but only once I think, so the xkcd comic had me going “…that’s kind of familiar”.

    Billy Manic

    Stephen Hawking, hah, that just tickles me.


    Here is another version, done live and better, imo.

    I love the crab guys
    and all their dirty tricks.
    The pickup truck joke,
    that was some funny shit.

    Boom de Yada!


    The unknown people(most of them) are just from specials that are done every-so-often on the channel. Good luck identifying them!


    Stupid question, probably. How do u upload video from YouTube and similar sites to a page like this?


    You are correct, that IS a stupid question!


    The Base Jump (21) is from “Planet Earth”.


    Congratulations, you win the stupider answer to a stupid question prize.

    Either it was really a stupid question and you’re just being a jerk and do know the answer or it’s still a stupid question and you’re not savvy enough know the stupid answer to the stupid question or it wasn’t a stupid question and you still don’t know the answer, thus remaining a jerk regardless.

    Thanx for playing…Please redeem your prize at the next window. H.A.N.D.!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ‘U’ upload video from YouTube to a page like this by using an embedded link. But on this particular site, only tiki can post video. See the submission rules


    I was going to post a pic of Richard Machowicz from this commercial last night. Photoshop was acting up so I said forget it.

    Bravo Tiki


    Thank you reboot. Have a toaster and a cookie. I understand that I can’t do that here, but I’m seeing it all over the place and figured someone here would know how to do it. Also, I was hoping for something better than “You are correct, that IS a stupid question!” That’s barely a putdown. sheesh

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Thanks for the cookie. Seems like no one is detecting my sarcasm today, so I might as well try to be informative.


    I love the pictures
    I love the comments
    I love the users
    I love the comebacks
    I love My [confined] Space
    And all it’s funny stuff
    Boom De Yada, Boom De Yada
    Boom De Yada, Boom De Yada


    Lighten up, nyoki. As much as I hate it when people correct crap like spelling or grammar, every once in a while its just fun to be a jerk. I guarantee someone else would have said something worse if I hadn’t. Try not to take it personally. And always read the FAQ.


    purple banana

    The guy jumping into the cliff at the end- that’s from Planet Earth; I just watched the caves portion last night. I finally got around to getting the DVD, and I’ve been in bio nerd heaven the past few days. It’s such an amazing show, but I feel that after all the time and money spent getting the incredible footage, they could have at least had a better composer/orchestra for the music. It’s okay, but it’s not a good as say, March of the Penguins’ soundtrack. Alex Wurman did a fantastic job on the score. Is it sad that I have the soundtrack? It’s a good soundtrack.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Oh Jeff, I was taking nothing personally and did, in fact, expect something worse, much worse. Apparently reboot wasn’t the only one having his sarcasm flying overhead.


    I particularly enjoy the guy who Loves Tornados!
    Every time I see him I think “Crazy f’er!” and laugh!

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