battle royale – class photo

battle royale - class photo

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    lol the fat guy with the crossbow…classic

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Lesson: kill the ‘transfer students’ first!

    tiki god

    after watching this and “Machine Girl” I’ve found that the japanese might have over estimated both the amount and pressure of blood is kept in the human body.


    ew tiki spread out the comments…hurt me eyes!…and yes a lil bit on the blood…moral of the story, kill the whores!


    Watched it recently and it was lame in a good way.


    I’m in the middle of reading the book now. Holy christ.
    I’m keeping a list of students in a notebook, and as they die, I cross their names out and label what number they died in. As of right now, I’m at Yumiko Kusaka as the 15th person.


    I love how they upped Kazuo’s situation in the movie version by replacing his given weapon with a paper fan…and he still got the most kills.


    The book was fun but it didn’t had that muxh impact on me. So yeah, they kill each other, then what? There’s no real ending. Even the final kill was unsatisfying.

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