baby eating blood

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    Damn Vampire Babies at it again.


    Repost ?


    it’s sad that people like that get to reproduce


    It’s sad that you can go through middle/junior high school and not learn stuff like that.


    You’re assuming that this guy is out of middle school…


    I can’t believe how many of this exact question have been posted on Yahoo!Answers…sweet fuck, man. It’s a conspiracy.


    I want to scream “fake”…but sadly there are people this stupid out there and I’ve met them and fought with them.


    how is babby formed
    how girl get pragnent


    This is one of those times I pray that she cheated and it isn’t his kid.


    It’s fake. What I thought was funny were the serious answers, the ones actually trying to explain. They were still wrong. The uterus is not lined w/ blood; and lack of period is not because the uterus is otherwise engaged. No ovulation, no period…period.


    I’m with V3NOM on the ‘people this stupid should NOT be allowed to fucking breed’ ticket.


    When you go to the link Lamb provided it shows the question and then the answer that the asker liked most.

    Q:Girlfriend aint had period since she got pregant?
    ok im kinda worryed here since my g/f got pregant and all she isnt been havein her period do u think the baby is drinkin the blood?? she 6 month pregant

    A:Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    Please, for humanity’s sake, abort this baby! If he’s even only half as stupid as you are, he doesn’t stand a chance!

    The Dude

    Must be a Bush supporter


    Probably not, retards like that come out of any background. Including democrats. I mean honestly they actually believed they would pull out of Iraq when they got into power you know.

    Because Bush stayed. Because he controls budgets. Seriously.


    Roffle, I love this guys answer, here’s the last part:

    “And also the baby is in like a bubble. Your baby is protected from everything. And just fine. so don’t worry! Good Luck!”

    Just like that film with John Travolta…


    let alone being allowed to reproduce

    these people are a disgrace to society

    and they exist

    how very depressing


    She’s not pregent
    I checked

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