hulk kills iron man

hulk kills iron man

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    It’s all just circuits, where’s the blood and fleeing vital organs?


    I am greatly amused by the fact that Wolverine is saying “better him than me”, and Hulk did that to Wolverine recently.


    I spent like an hour and a half last night just wasting time on wikipedia clicking on every single reference on Hulk’s wikipedia entry and reading up on him. It’s seriously retarded how strong he is and it just ruined the character for me. I guess Marvel has been spitting out so much stuff in so many years that every single comic has to be OMGWTFBBQ HE THREW THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN TO THE MOON!..

    I get he should be one of the stronges heroes there is, but…man I’m glad I don’t read comics because I would be laughing at all that shit 😀

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “I guess Marvel has been spitting out so much stuff in so many years that every single comic has to be OMGWTFBBQ HE THREW THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN TO THE MOON!..”
    I call this power-inflation.
    You start off with a character that has a defined limit to his power, eg. can benchpress a truck. Eventually in the story there’s a dramatic moment where he needs to exert all of his effort to, say, benchpress a tank. But then after that benchpressing a tank is passe, so in the next dramatic instance the writers need to up the ante a bit more.
    As the series goes on for decades the character evolves from “more powerful than a locomotive” to tossing around planets. It takes really disciplined writers to prevent this inflation from getting ridiculous.


    yeah they do the same thing with Superman. The Donner film portrayed the Superman before the Crisis on Infinite Earths (’85). Back then, Superman could move planets, multiply, teleport, all sorts of dumb shit. Hulk seems to be another character that can summon power “the more mad he gets”. it makes him an uncanny character, but it certainly makes the audience feel no sense of danger whatsoever when Hulk is in trouble.

    Batman, on the other hand, is just a dude. a , bad guy stomping, shit-ruining, titty-fucking bad-ass sonovabitch.


    This is from Planet Hulk. It’s a dream sequence; hence no blood or fleeing vital organs.

    tiki god


    yeah but no. tony stark has the habit of using robots that he controls from afar. he even has a superpower now that lets him do it.


    Oh, come on, Camiam321…Batman is the worst offender of the bunch. Funny how “just a dude” can predict what his foes are going to do before they do, fight like a ninja, think and invent like a super-scientist (despite not having a college education, as far as I know), heal like Wolverine, always have the right tool for the job even when that job pops up suddenly during another job, fight guys like Killer Croc who are twice his size, and still manage to run Wayne Enterprises during the day, get enough sleep to work the night shift as Batman, train several sidekicks, fight “regular” crime in addition to costumed crime, and fight alongside the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman. And did we forget that he does all this with the broken back that Bane gave him, way-back-when? I love Batman, but in the last decade or more his characterization has become ridiculous.


    I just finished rereading Frank Miller’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” this afternoon. That’s a badass Batman, fighting one on one against Superman at the end.


    I saw a picture from what I think was a 70’s comic of Hulk where he lifts 150 billion tons…And he can’t be killed either.

    Superman is just as bad. Whoever thought designing a character with ALL the powers of everyone else is a moron, imo.


    I do believe Superman was one of the first superheroes, so you can’t really say that the creators (whom I believe were teenagers) were like surrounded by all these superhero comics and went like ‘OMFG WHAT IF WE MADE A HERO THAT HAS ALL OF THE SUPERPOWERZ OF EVERYONE ELSE, HELLZ YEAH’, that’s something that would happen nowadays though.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Superman is just as bad. Whoever thought designing a character with ALL the powers of everyone else is a moron, imo.”
    That’s my whole point. Superman DIDN’T start off with all the powers. In Action Comics #1, he couldn’t even fly.
    I agree with rattybad, the Bats has had some heinous power inflation. So has the Flash.
    Even a show like Heroes, that’s only been around for a couple years, has issues with power inflation. Peter Petrelli should be more or less god-like by now. Like zipfer said, that just a sign of terrible writers.


    The most lulzworthy thing is when in old superman comics, he would hang onto the ledge of windows to listen into conversations because he couldn’t actually fly. And because all his powers were defined by Krypton having higher gravity, a gunshot would seriously fuck him up.

    Pretty much, though, early superman was the best superman, except for the deconstruction, artsy-farsty supermen.


    Man, The Hulk really seems to have a thing for ripping people in half…

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