McDonalds – Try Are McGriddles

McDonalds - Try Are McGriddles

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    It’s got to be somewhere down south or in West Virginia!


    Virginia is MUCH worse than West Virginia. Trust me, I’ve been in both states many times before. You’re lucky if you find someone with a positive tooth-to-tattoo ratio in Virginia. West Virginia seemed alright.


    Wait! i don’t get it? aren’t McGriddles a legitimate breakfast sandwhich at McDonald’s?? bacon, egg and cheese between two small pancakes with BUILT IN SYRUP!!! they are the only thing I get when i get breakfast there.


    Did anyone else hear that WHOOSH sound when they read token2k6’s comment?

    Billy Manic

    I hope the joke circles back and gets him in the face.


    oh OK! I see it, are vs our, ha ha


    hey token2k6 just called me and asked me to get on to defend him. when i asked what the post was he told me and I was like, um ok do you not get it Nick!!! After explaining to him that are and our sound the same but mean different things he hung up the phone. so here i am token2k6, defending you on mcs.


    : i hope you die


    lol token2k6.

    I am wondering where magnus is to flip you hell. i think magnus should change his name to Grammer police



    Actually, it is spelled “Grammar”.


    Faith in humanity plummeting…


    By the way….

    McGriddles are the perfect hangover food. They taste awful, but a Bacon McGriddle, hash browns, and a small Coke make me feel good as new within an hour. Try it next time.


    I like the Sausage McMuffin w/Egg. Those new fangled McGriddles our just too high tech for me.



    I would definately try them, but their to hot.


    West Virgina can be as bad as Virginia…sometimes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to correct students using “are” for “our”. I guess it’s the way they pronounce it. I pronounce the [ou] in “our” like [out, how, cow etc…]. E1 here (WVa) pronounces it like [are, far]. What’s truly unfortunate is that they still don’t get the difference even after I ‘splain it to them. I gave up on explaining the difference between there, their and they’re.


    flintlocke wins.

    The movie Idiocracy was prophetic.



    flintelocke’s post wasn’t there or their or they’re when I wrote my post.


    I’m going to take a wild guess. Clay county? The place one-toothed rednecks look upon in slack-jawed amazement and go “Damn, thems are hicks!”


    Berkeley county, eastern panhandle. I’m just east of Appalachia near the Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania borders.


    Mexicants ftl. Larry the cable guy said it best…aliens on star trek speak perfect english, but the cashier at taco bell can’t…


    Some days I just want to explain it all with “Because it’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.”


    In school (in the Coal Fields/New River Valley area, I guess) we were taught that Berkeley and those panhandle counties were the “Stolen” or “lost” counties and resented being part of WV and would much rather be a part of anywhere else but us. So I find it hilarious for them to be used as proof of hickdom. Definitely brought a smile to my face.

    Personally, I’m glad to have those counties. Without them forming the thumb, some people don’t get the concept that WV is giving them the bird.


    That’s pretty bad, but I’ve noticed several grammar and spelling errors that YOU have made.

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