Lego FN-P90

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    Pure win. I love this gun.
    Wonder if it’s to scale.

    Luke Magnifico

    In COD4, this is a whore gun. It takes neither skill nor effort to score.


    Oh I see you’re one of those “any gun that kills me is a noob gun and I am still way better than you at the game really” kind of people. I hate you people.


    @... LukeV1-5 : you are right…. @... Ollie : nah man he never said he was pro or anything .. like uber god but you are right about those people … cannot accept a loss but the P90 has a big advantage over other guns .. especially with perks. and ive proven it .. cause personally im a sniper guy i love sniping but when people call me noobs i just laugh and pick my P90 and get 2.5 Ratio over them and then they still tend to complain so i take my favorite gun which is Mp5 ^^ .… Read more »

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