Obama – Fuck Yeah

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    Uh, fuck no.

    Fuck McCain.
    Fuck Obama.


    What are you fucking voting for Hillary?!?!?


    Probably McCain. Or maybe no one at all.


    I’m still thinking I might write in Zombie Reagan.

    I was trying to think under what awful circumstances I would vote for Obama, and I just couldn’t come up with any.


    Ron Paul.

    Von Hiselin

    “I wish I was Will Smith”


    natedog is also writing in Ron Paul, even though he has not filed as a write-in candidate.

    it’s a vote of no confidence in the election

    tiki god

    does obama really scare you that much?

    what exactly makes you hate upon him so?


    His universal healthcare plan, how his economic plan is based entirely on regulations, his support for the Fairness Doctrine, his support for gun-control, and that he’s against off-shore drilling.

    I hate his wife too. Can you imagine that whore as the first lady?

    I am Nate

    He’s also a raging socialist. He wouldn’t say it like that but it’s a matter of principles not of words.