Indians on a bus

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    This deserves to be on Modblog


    the guy behind the guy in front on the left looks like hes gonna wack the guy with the feather thing in the head

    Gary Generic

    My guess is they’re from Central America, not India.

    tiki god




    Here in the ol’ U S of A, we call Native Americans Indians. We also call people from India Indians. Its a fun country.


    no way these are native americans

    at least not the north american kind

    them’s mexicans

    Billy Manic

    I take it none of you have ever heard of South America.


    @Billy – Yeah, that’s like Georgia or South Carolina, right? 🙂

    Billy Manic

    Well at least one of you knows.


    I hope, y’all, that that there bus is not headed north so them boys can steal a white mans job…


    being a native American myself i tend to find the term “Indian” very derogatory. “Indian” was used in many of the treaties during the British settlement of this country. Many of those treaties are still not honored to this day b/c they say “Indian” and we are not from India. It’s America’s was of fucking my ancestors in the ass with a sandpaper dildo. Good rule of thumb to remember it by Indian is dot not feathers.


    ^^^ I am not an Indian or a Native American… just some white guy who oppresses both somehow. I believe I oppress blacks too.

    Not that I have ever personally done anything against any of these peoples, but hey, why should that matter.

    That aside, I agree; Indians from India. Native Americans from the Americas. Why perpetuate an idiotic mistake.


    I believe the word “Native” is inaccurately used when applied to individuals descended from, or part of, North American tribes. It would seem to me that they one should be acknowledged by their particular tribe or “nation” from where they cam from, like Chocataw, Hopi, Osage, Shawnee and Saponi, to name a few. Since I am a descendant from the Iroquois, I could refer to myself as Iroquois-American, though I do not use it since I didn’t not grow up in a Iroquois lifestyle.

    I mean, as Starbuck mentioned, it is wrong to use the word “Indian” since they are not from India, but it is just as inapprobiate to use the word “native” for just one particular group, since birth place denotes where on is native from. Anyone born and raised within the borders of this country is, in my opinion, a native American.


    Very true gor. Being descended from the Cherokee nation, i consider that my nationality. But the average american has two functioning brain cells, one of which is taken up by breathing, so it’s impossible to expect them to know or understand the idea of different tribal nations, and the clans within those nations.

    tiki god

    and by “native americans” you mean what? native north americans? Native central americans? or maybe native south americans?!?!?!?!?


    Second row on the left, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn.


    Well that really IS the problem, isn’t it.

    I don’t like “Indian” and I am not real happy with “Native American”. On the other hand I don’t really have the time or interest to learn the names of every tribe (my few native friends were Lakota and Ojibwe for what that is worth).

    I hate to suggest “red men/women”, but nobody seems to have a problem calling me a “white guy” or a “white man”. And I don’t find “black man” offensive in any way.

    Is there not a suitable name for the US tribes as a whole? Just for the sake of convenience?


    There are no native Americans, they are the decendents of the first migrants.


    that’s why “American indian” has become the new “african american” let me spin ya’ll a little yarn. My mother in law was born in Liberia. when she called a walmart cashier “black” the woman corrected her with “we’re African American” My mother in law snapped back with “really honey, where were you born?” “um… Colorado” “ok, where were your parents born” “Michigan and Colorado” “Honey, i ‘m from fucking Liberia, i’m African American, you’re BLACK” While we don’t expect people to learn all the tribal nations and refer to us as such, American Indian suffices for argument’s sake. The big issue i think most of us has is the dot vs feather. Indian= India. American Indian= descended from people that were in the united states-ish area before the fucked up backwards lets confuse everyone and wear our buckles on our hats puritan prude ass white man showed up.

    Gary Generic


    “Duh?” what? Calling them Indians is like calling Ade ( and African American.


    Not ready sure where you going with that Star, but before I go defending different groups of people from ages past I do have one observation. If western society is bad and all so called “native” cultures were good, why are all the descendents from the “good native” cultures wear the clothes and live in the style of western society, when they don’t have to?

    I mean, if I really felt western society is bad and my Iroquois heritage is great, I would be wearing buckskins and living in a Wigwam and avoiding western society “benefits” like a functioning complex sewage system, daily showers, modern dentistry and airlane travel. Now, I do hunt and eat wild game, but I use a modern rifle, a muzzle-loading rifle and a bow, because I feel it’s only right to kill what you are going to eat, at times (it feels like it’s keeps me honest).

    Sure, it’s romantic to think that it would be great to live like our people once did, but I would rather live in a western society than a “native” one, because I would rather die from a stroke at 80, than a raptured apendix at 26.

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