Cat vs Rat

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    Luke Magnifico

    My close friend Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States, says the rat wins.


    That cat is so owned


    o rly?


    “Domesticated Kitten vs Rat” is not the same as “Cat vs Rat”


    “Domesticated Kitten vs Domesticated Rat” is not the same as “Domesticated Kitten vs Rat.” Either way, I once had a pet rat and a pet black lab/golden retriever mix. The rat really didn’t like the dog, and the dog was kinda curious about the rat until, one day, while the dog was sniffing at the rat, the rat took a nice big chomp on the dogs nose. The dog was no longer interested in the rat.


    The rat I had as a kid did the same to a friend’s dog. This particular dog was dumb enough to continue his interest in the rat.

    Rats make great gifts to show a cat’s adoration for its human.


    I’ve had rats and cats both (not at the same time, however; that would be chaos). If you rub a rat’s teeth, it feels like metal—and if you stick your tongue out at a rat, it will have no compunction about jumping out of your hand and biting said tongue with said metal-like teeth.

    I am Nate

    If you like matches that are over before they’ve begun that’s the fight for you!

    Billy Manic

    My rat would never bite me. However, it has bitten my dogs. Curious bastards.